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  1. When was this? Was this that morning show we went to? Also hey guys!!! Nice to see all ya og's. you guys also can't forget that one member who got a ... I guess she was a pr (you know). And live texting his actions. Or Eddie's laxative pizza story in real time. Also 12/18. Never forget. The good ol' days.
  2. No, but i visit Austin a lot since most of my friends are there and it was my home till i moved 4 years ago. I'm always down for meeting up for food in Oct when i visit. I don't dare visit in the summer. If you have any questions. feel free to send me a message.
  3. if you're thinking of getting rid of some 7"s. you seem to have stuff up my alley. I lost about 200 7"s in the mail in my move (1 box). so i'm trying to get some back. most of mine was pre-2k stuff as well. i wouldn't mind taking a gander if you decide to get rid of them.
  4. After 25 years of living in Austin i wouldl suggest End of An Ear. It's actually the place most people go if you're looking for metal/punk/emo (well 1st-4th wave at least)/etc etc. Waterloo is just big. It carries a lot of new records, cd's, dvd's, and knick knacks. but nothing stands out. You can find most of their selection online anywhere. Their used section is basically blah but occasionally you'll find something interesting. End of an Ear has tons of gems that poke out at ya. I think i spent like $250 the last time i went. All used except for 1 record. And it's a whole hell of a lot closer than Waterloo. Waterloo has just been around longer and i never suggest it unless it's Record Store Day. But if you do go to Waterloo... next door is 24. it's pretty good restaurant, and Amy's Ice Cream around the corner is excellent. If it's your Birthday, maybe they'll throw a scoop of ice cream across 6th street into a cup for ya. LOL. Also, if you're going in the next month or 2, i apologize for the heat. I'm making my way there in Oct to see family and i've already started saving. I usually hit up End of an Ear and Breakaway. Breakaway is just kinda far and it really is more for people into Jazz, and R&B, Soul. I mostly go there for Jazz stuff, because it caters to that kinda crowd.
  5. got rid of the aggression lp for like $11 a few months ago. It didn't age well for me. But i love Dr. Know and still own all my Dr. Know stuff.
  6. well my local record stores had a sign up lottery. i missed it because i was waiting for the sign up and i missed it. freakin' sucks..
  7. Hey, i know this is a long shot, but who's doing black friday? I missed out on signing up like a dummy, and was only looking for one record. If anyone could try to grab one for me, that' be awesome. Anthrax - Soldiers of Metal 12" Ep
  8. I'm checking in from Colorado. I'm glad i have a job and insurance. The #'s have been rising, but it hasn't been substantial like other states. My buddy, told me my life has been training me for this moment because i'm naturally a hermit, so nothing in my life has changed except that i can't go to shows. Nothing more. I don't go out, i don't have friends here, so it's been basically business as usual. Sounds sad, but i am not angry, i am not upset, i'm just kinda "Meh". So my daily experience is wake up, go to work, come home, watch tv or listen to music for a bit, and then go to bed early. hopefully the positive numbers start dropping since they are doing mandatory shut in's again. What i find hilarious is a lot of people complaining about how people are gathering and not wearing face masks, but will go to the bar regularly, have get togethers, and share joints. The hypocrisy is fucking astonishing.
  9. did the same. but doesn't look like anything's available. bummer. i'll try for an lp once they come out.
  10. thanks for the reminder.. saw this at work then it slipped my mind.
  11. i had a chance to buy the no remorse bundles, but it was way too expensive to ship and just didn't want to spend the $$$ on basically 2 items that i wanted.. wound up with the pre order bundle through the band's band camp page. fucker sold out in literally less than 2 minutes. Even if you got the black copy, it's gonna be good.
  12. Not sure if anyone likes NWOBHM and the likes but the preorder for ETERNAL CHAMPION's "RAVENING IRON" LP came out last week. thing is gonna kill. Eternal Champion (US) https://eternalchampion.bandcamp.com/album/ravening-iron No Remorse Records (Europe): https://www.noremorse.gr/artists/eternal-champion and the new preorder for SODOM's "GENESIS XIX" box set and various bundles is out too. Europe ( wish there was a US distro) various bundles https://www.nuclearblast.de/en/products/tontraeger/vinyl/vinyl-boxset/sodom-genesis-xix.html or https://napalmrecords.com/english/sodom/
  13. same here. well that and a bunch of jazz records. cool thing is the place i go to doesn't have a great jazz clientele so i can pick up jazz records that come out on RSD literally weeks or months after its sold out everywhere else. Now that ANTHRAx lp is gonna be hard to come by. i'm gonna have to ask everyone i know to help me out with that one.
  14. i figured i would want it but i already own the original 2lp so i'm good.
  15. so far the only albums that have stood out this year for me are these: Riot City - Burn The Night Laura Stevenson - The Big Freeze Traveler - S/T Adult Magic - S/T Tacocat - This Mess Is A Place while not a album, that new Spanish Love Songs - Losers 7" is a gem too.
  16. So i'll be visiting Austin in a couple of weeks to go see Jawbreaker. Anyone have any recommendations for new food places or new record stores. I use to live there, but this time around don't want to visit the same ol' places. Only thing i have on the agenda at the moment is DESANO pizza and Whataburger. Any help would be much appreciated.
  17. I want to see them, but it's probably not gonna happen. thank god for being old and seeing them before they broke up. doesn't make me feel so bad.
  18. no i do not.. only this year because it's my 10th. but will see you in a few weeks.
  19. i'm going. this will be my final year.. well most likely. if anyone is up for beers and hanging, let me know PM me.