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  1. Hi! I have some records for sale - long time since I've posted / been on this board but moving soon and trying to get rid of some stuff ahead of time. Here's the list - all prices are best offer + shipping except for the ones specifically noted PM if you have any questions / interested. I pasted this from an excel so hopefully the formatting sticks. thanks! Artist Title Notes Price Able Baker Fox ltd blue / orange, still sealed Alkaline Trio From Here to
  2. yes it's been repressed (both /1000) and the only difference is that the first press has a barcode printed on the jacket where are the second press has a sticker barcode on the jacket or has none at all. everything else is exactly the same ohhh, ok. thanks!
  3. Didn't Deja already get repressed? I bought a copy from Triple Crown in like, 2007? 2008? I could have sworn they said they repressed it although maybe it was just an issue of "finding" more copies? (From what I've seen there's no difference between my copy and the original press...)
  4. Didn't he also correct himself and say that wasn't exactly their buying process? I don't remember the exact thread and don't feel like searching but I thought he went back and said that he was misinformed on some of that? Regardless it's shitty if they tell you something is in stock when it's not.
  5. I just thought it was stupid reasoning for you to say that not having pressing info provided would cause you to not buy a record. Its not as though you go into a record store and they have cards with each record's pressing info. I personally don't care so much about specific pressings to have a lack of information keep me from buying a record.
  6. double box. tips about stacking, cardboard, bubble wrap, etc are good - do that but then pack that box inside a slightly larger box, bubble wrap any space between those two boxes and then ship. that should help with bent corners.
  7. And for a much smaller distro, you have a >>>> interface. I can't stand the way you browse Insound, and besides useless personal evaluations of how awesome they thought a record was, it doesn't make me want to buy anything when they don't give any pressing information. what kind of pressing info do you want? the majority of their releases are from major distros/big indie labels, i highly doubt that there is detailed pressing info available for lets say, vampire weekend's contra. i've seen them put pressing info for some stuff so i think it's included when it's given. sorry you on
  8. I don't know if you're only looking to trade for a specific reason or if you don't want to spend money, but you can definitely get all yr wants fairly easily. Insound has all those bands for sure and I'm sure amazon or a local record store does as well.
  9. I got it but haven't had a chance to listen to it yet... I'll let you know what I think once I do.
  10. I got mine from hottopic.com not that long ago - earlier this summer? check there.
  11. Looking for the into it over it/empire empire split 7". PM please! thanks!
  12. I'm not saying that this "bait and switch" doesn't happen sometimes but other times I think maybe just the advertising is misleading rather than completely incorrect. The SC site for the war on drugs pre-order says "LTD. EDITION RED VINYL AVAILABLE TO FIRST 75 ORDERS!" It doesn't say that the record is limited to 75 copies on red, although I can obviously see how you would think that. Maybe 1000 copies were pressed on red, SC kept 75 for their own mail order and distributed the rest. Not completely incorrect or false information, just unclear advertising. Also sometimes records will be adve
  13. one of my recent favs. i'm not even into like stoner rock at all - this blew me away. pretty boring live though.

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