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  1. Put up a bunch of ETID stuff... one copy of the boxed set on black and multiple copies of Hot Damn, Big Dirty and Gutter Phenomenon https://www.ebay.ca/sch/rizzzbay/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Also have a black AFS release of Brand New - Devil and God going up at some point
  2. Check out the link to mine in my sig. It's a Google Docs spreadsheet and I stole the layout from someone else's tradelist and just started filling in my own stuff. I've only done A through H so it's incomplete but it might give you an idea of how you can do yours.
  3. I won't flake. Just get back to me if you get one and want to do the trade ASAP 'cause I am headed to California the first week of April.
  4. It only sounds better because it's on black. The weight has nothing to do with it. Everyone knows black vinyl sounds better.
  5. I ended up getting one of the purple/white ones first because that was the first one they posted on the site, then I went back and placed a separate order for the watermelon, so if anyone in Toronto wants either of those for whatever my cost is, let me know.
  6. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I hated the way this album sounded compared to Jane Doe when it came out, but it's grown on me a bit. I always thought it sounded a bit like they just recorded the whole thing under a big wool blanket or something. Will buy!
  7. Ya, that show WAS weird. I got there at 8:30 and La Dispute was just about to go on. I hate early shows.
  8. Had a friend who is a cabinet maker build me these: Unfortunately we overestimated how many records it would fit, so I'm going to have to get a 3rd piece made I think.
  9. I did, and I will absolutely be going! Last time I saw those guys was opening up for that Mad Caddies live album at the Opera House, haha. I haven't really been coming around here much because I moved back to Toronto 6 months ago after living in Nunavut for 3 years. I was having all my records mailed to my Mom's house while I was away... hence all the mailers. I've been spending all my time just doing stuff, 'cause I couldn't really do anything for 3 years. I PM'ed you.
  10. I have a ton of 12" mailers and a few (10ish?) 7" mailers that are headed to the recycling bin if nobody wants them. They are all used and have my name and address on them, but I'm sure you could peel the stickers off and re-mail. Or just leave it on and send me some records. I figured I'd reach out here before dumping them. I have this many:
  11. This is what I came home to after working in another part of the country for 3 years. I had a lot of fun opening all these!
  12. I got 2 extras if anyone is interested. Headed to Guelph tonight then Buffalo for Wingfest so I probably wont get back to you until Monday or Tuesday.
  13. What Edna's Goldfish record did you guys do last time? Any of those left?
  14. I will be there to check it out, but wtf @ Rival Schools so far down that list.
  15. Ya, me too. Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to get one at some point.
  16. Wanted to pop in off-topic and thank appletree for posting this, that thread is equal parts entertaining, hilarious and terrifying. Probably the only person on VC that really deserved to be banned Haaaaaaha, I remember that. That dude got really upset at me, and a lot of other people.
  17. Ya man, I've liked everything they've ever put out, and I think New Junk was their best since Hot Damn! too. Can't wait to hear this shit!
  18. Ya, and considering it will have to be a 2xLP, I think it is even less likely.

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