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  1. Great fucking record...
  2. SeeMoreGlass

    PO: Save Face - Merci (FFO: The Menzingers)

    The record is streaming if you are still on the fence Merci Stream Also, From now until July 20th, all proceeds from 'Merci' digital downloads will benefit The Trevor Project. During this time you can name your own price and Epitaph will match your amount.
  3. SeeMoreGlass

    Rare Vinyl in Poor Condition

    Shit, my grandma used to say, What's better, fuckin, a scratched record with nothin' on it... No wait, I fucked up. What's a scratched record with nothin' on it ...
  4. Merci is a 14 track concept record Preorder Here! Coke Bottle Black/500 Standard Black Vinyl These guys are solid fucking Rock and Roll and I recommend them so much...Solid live show as well If you are looking for a comparison...Bad reminds me of In Remission by The Menzingers Their EP Folly is solid as well...pick that up Here Check them out on tour - http://www.saveface.band/tour M
  5. SeeMoreGlass

    The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    Any Canada friends on here interested in picking up a copy of the Sunrise Records Exclusive for me? I will throw in some extra cash for your troubles...and it would be much appreciated...It is the only variant I'm missing (out of all of TWY's records)
  6. SeeMoreGlass


    Already have most of these but just wanted to pop in and say best of luck to you.. Student teaching is brutal...Teaching is brutal as well...welcome to the club man!
  7. How am I going to afford this? because I can't pass this up
  8. SeeMoreGlass

    The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    You guys are really making me excited for this thing to come in the mail...as if I wasn't already excited enough
  9. SeeMoreGlass

    Jeff Rosenstock - POST-

    Got this in the mail and I've been holding off listening to it...loving this album!
  10. SeeMoreGlass

    PO NOW: Eve 6 - Horrorscope

    Got my split in yesterday and I took a quick listen...these sound amazing and it is a Tri-fold layout which looks fantastic. Major props to this small label for mastering this for vinyl and making it sound amazing. Totally justifies the price tag. If you haven't bought it yet...better get the fuck on that shit!
  11. Got mine in from Bullmoose today and it is the signed and hand numbered copy...stoked to finally give this a listen!