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  1. I saw you mentioned Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland. I am currently in the middle of pressing my album with them and it has been a pretty smooth process so far. I just approved my lacquer and it sounded great. Any question I have they have answered within a day or two. So far I have no complaints. I'm not scheduled to actually get it until spring of 2023 but I think you are going to run into that with all pressing plants at the moment. Best of luck! SDK was a jam and my band used to play it all the time at our practices....
  2. Thanks Buddy! I totally forgot to post it here... www.seemoreglass.bandcamp.com
  3. I'm picking our variants for the Kickstarter and I am going to do a special /50 variant for all of the kickstarter patrons. Right now there are 5 spots left on the kickstarter for this variant, so if you want to get the limited handmade /50 one, I highly recommend jumping on it. The rest of the variants are just going to be regular black. Doesn't matter what package. 35-100 will get this variant until it runs out. KICKSTARTER LINK!!
  4. It is Bandcamp Friday, if you want to pick up my discography for $5 you can find it here http://www.seemoreglass.bandcamp.com All of the money will go to Rescue.org My Kickstarter is also funded and still rolling for a few more days if you want to support.
  5. This is the last music video of the album featuring @Rip dancing through the cosmos. I hope you all enjoy it. Watching this kickstarter get funded has been an incredible experience and I want to thank the VC crew for checking out this record and supporting it. As of right now the kickstarter is sitting at $4,414 which is unreal for me. There are still nine days left, so if you still want to pick one up and be a part of the project, check it out here Kickstarter for Roaring Paper Spring Thank you so much again, for everything!
  6. OH my god that is awesome!! Thank you so much for checking it out and pledging! I'm looking so forward to getting this pressed and sent out. I just sent in the music to get mastered for vinyl yesterday so I'm hoping by June we'll be pretty close to having this together.
  7. Holy Shit!!! Its official!!! Roaring Paper Spring is getting pressed on vinyl!!!! Thank you so much to everyone on here who pledged and listened and shared the record. I'm beyond excited to make this thing happen.
  8. Yes, you can adjust your pledge, but also, if you can't figure that out and just want to donate. I'll be sure you get a vinyl copy.
  9. Huge thanks for that suggestion friend. I'm looking into it on the vinyl page. I asked my friend who is on there all of the time to post about it in the new releases thread. If this gets funded, let me know when I send out an update and I will make sure I throw a tape in with your package.
  10. Quick Update! Within $900 of the $4,000 goal. If you can throw in $35 for the first vinyl package it would go such a long way to making this happen. I've been dreaming of and working towards pressing my work on vinyl for almost 20 years. This is the closest I have ever come to making it a reality. I overplanned for pledges on the kickstarter, so if you purchase that $35 package it is very likely you will also receive the lyric book and the CDs that I have left over from my other albums. So you will get more than what the package says you will get...in case that is an incentive. I am also having a run of 25 cassettes made. If you pledge at all and want me to throw in one of those as well, let me know and I will.
  11. The kickstarter is currently sitting at $2,917 which means that we have $1,083 to go! Two more weeks!! Please consider helping to make this a reality. We are so close!! This entire album, music videos, everything has been a completely DIY effort, funded by me saving for two years and contracting my friends to help with the recording, art and making the videos The end goal for me was to get something that I made pressed on vinyl. If just 10 people buy the $100 package, then it is fully funded If just 14 people buy the $75 package, then we get there If just 20 people buy the $50 package, this dream becomes a reality. Today I am putting up the third music video for the song "Cory, What If We Don't Know Anything"...a song of rebellion. I hope you enjoy it.
  12. Thank you so much for listening and supporting the project. It has been insanely cool to see how much people are digging the record.