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  1. Same same. I was concerned that both discs for Magnified are warped but my turntable didn't protest. I was really pleased and didn't realize / forgot that Magnified is on 2 LPs, which suits it well. I do really appreciate the Comfort remix, sounds better without getting too Special Editions about it.
  2. I just got the files less than an hour ago, initial impression... Magnified is greatly improved in mix and sounds better, more lush and textured... listening to "Wonderful Life" atm... which is my personal favorite on the album. Curious why they didn't send out 24bit files, the download is 16bit.
  3. glad i sold my copy. it was well made given it was made from the vanilla CD audio. but I don't miss it. I'd like to hear a proper remaster. Still love my El Cielo SACD, such beauty. I'd be up for a repress of Pariah too, that pressing was excellent.
  4. Yep.. sucks. I just am listening to the end of side B... pretty bad on "I will lead you". It could be static build up too, the sleeves the discs come in cause static. I'll put my discs in MFSL sleeves to de-static them a bit, and replay later.
  5. Can confirm, I'm part way into side B now, most excellent pressing. This was an instabuy for me, but that didn't necessarily mean it'd be a good pressing! I'm very pleased they included "Can't you trip Like I do", I was balking on buying Spawn the album for that song and "Long Hard Road out of Hell".
  6. What if someone started selling said 24 bit audio directly? 😍
  7. Title of Record has been a most wanted by me on vinyl for a while. Right up there with Worship and Tribute in terms of irony of not being issued on vinyl at initial release. 1999 twenty year anniversary is great for my high school music nostalgia. I'm hoping for a reissue of Chevelle's Point #1 and Fiona Apple's When the pawn hits conflicts... as they both turn 20 this year. I agree with you @NoSeatbeltSong , this is the superior record. I used to own Short Bus but think I resold it. And the Amalgamut is quite dynamically compressed, it would sound great with a good
  8. I owned the repress and the mastering is the same loudness war garbage as the CD. I own a 2002 pressing from DTR too, and it it far more dynamic and an okay pressing. Unfortunate the title track is not included, I really love the demo version of that track.
  9. Honestly, we just need the unreleased demos in proper form. Phantasma and World of Violence are incredible.
  10. I coulda swore I spun this when I bought it back in 2016... not so. I have the 2016 repress on transparent blue, both discs are disc number one. So i have two A/B discs, and no C/D disc. If anyone has two side 3/4 discs, please message me. Thanks.
  11. I wanted to see them last month in their sole Florida date but have been caught up in the paralytic flow of commercial pilot certification. Perhaps I'll get a standard vinyl when this blows over. I find myself coming back to at least six tracks on the album. I don't care for the segues on this one at all... SKIP.
  12. Horny and burnt out now. That's the lyric I still remember. I'm sure there's more.
  13. neato! fixed the link: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/29219253/margot-the-nuclear-so-sos-slingshot-to-heaven-limited-edition-500-deluxe-gatefold-vinyl
  14. I think the Music On Vinyl pressing is equally good. I have both. And yes, I put my WB pressings in a MFSL sleeve when I first got it. Sold my white copy cuz yuck.
  15. Better stated by you, yes I did not find myself coming back to HitM. I do think Counterfeit Sky and 'I can see houses' are wonderful, the Focus and Come Crashing are good too.
  16. Ha I can make it through the new one, the Heart is the Monster on the other hand..... Don't get me wrong, I like many of it's songs.
  17. I was completely underwhelmed by EP#3 but all together it's good. They had a Magnified's worth of ideas. They shouldn't marry themselves to the hour+ runtime. I'm pretty pleased with the album but have moved on to other music for now.
  18. I think some of the discs had defects in the pressing but the sound quality is good-to-great. I didn't have any of those issues, mine was the second round. My turntable is a ProJect Essential II Digital with the stock cartridge (Ortofon OM-5E). I just archive my stuff in 24-bit digital cuz you know... dynamic range matters and I don't like wearing down my records.
  19. Great job on mastering/mastering source. I've never even heard anything but the CD/HDCD and this pressing has given me a real appreciation for the album. Full disclosure I never really liked this one compared to Astronaut / Electra ... but now I do. Dynamic range is important.
  20. My 90s nostalgia is nearing 100% complete!!! Just need Fiona Apple's second album. I did have the single LP version of this, the sound quality suffered severely as the album is over 75 minutes long! I sold it after learning about a Zimbabwean 2LP pressing, which of course is beyond rare.
  21. Just got my copy in the indyasfuc diy cardboard sleeve, very nice. The vinyl is better sounding to my ears than the SRC press. Good job guys. @jonahmatrangadotco I like the USB too, are any of the songs available in native lossless/wav/FLAC? The mp3s are done well, but you know... every bit and byte counts.
  22. Digital isn't bad folks. Overbearing dynamic range compression on the other hand sucks the life out of the recording. The reason you probably love AAA is it cannot be dynamically compressed in the same way.

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