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  1. Anyone have any experiences with this place? Thanks
  2. The Energy Get Split LP w/ Full Album Download $12ppd US & Canada http://teamsciencerecords.com/ The Energy is T. Triplett(No Talk), C. Ryan(Secret Prostitutes), J. Wolf(Bloody Hammer) A.Bates(Wicked Posuer). Without giving us time to enjoy our freedom Harder and faster than its predecessor, Get Split embraces the thrilling violence implied by Triplett?s razor-sharp and unrelenting guitar while doubling down on irony and alienation. The psycopath that Bates portrayed on the First Album crumbles on Get Split, talking in the loathsome half-nonsense of a junkie, while retaining the unpredictability and menace of someone whose higher brain is ruined mush. The whole album is an irresistible act of destruction and hatred, against its predecessor, its audience, the world and its own characters. It?s a pleasure to be a victim. - Daniel Mee Pre Order - LP will ship by May 25th I have the covers just waiting on the vinyl to ship. If you live abroad email TeamScienceRecords [AT] Gmail for a shipping quote.
  3. I feel the exact same way. I've heard these records so i feel $18 is on the high end.
  4. ok, So I've seen this band a few times, Never did anything for me. Tried to like the records, nope...still nothing. Earlier today I listened to the entire record twice in one sitting. It's amazing and to see that someone else is stoked on it is awesome. GET THIS RECORD
  5. Looking to use someone for a run of LP's. 500 - 1000 unique codes that I can print. Suggestions?
  6. This plant is awesome! If you live in the south it's great. If you go through lucky lacquers it's even better.
  7. http://www.ampmagazine.com/9007/label-profile-anchorless-records/ Great Dude -
  8. XHalfthekidsonthisboarddon'tgetthisjokeX
  9. The Energy - new CD/LP follow up to last years debut record : members of black congress, secret prositutes and no talk. The Wiggins - debut LP houston harsh garage for fans of suicide and ty segal. Black Congress - reissues and possible a new lp? Let's see if they stay alive long enough to record.
  10. This record is amazing. Highly suggest picking this up. Ottawa punks playing cute lepers type power pop. http://www.myspace.com/theewhitewires It's $9 through No idea. That's less than I spend on coffee in a day.
  11. Can I buy a patch and sticker set from the band? Play another Texas show during chaos please.
  12. You are probably the only person with the secret prostitutes lp in they're distro. Solid mail order.
  13. just buy the next one. They have a record out every week and it's usually just as good.
  14. I remember awhile back someone posting about a place to do custom adapters for large hole records. Anyone remember? Thanks -aaron
  15. everyone keeps talking about this record. Can't wait to hear it.
  16. Nothing much. I tried to talk to you on the internet and explain about calling you a donk. Just a joke hope your not mad.

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