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  1. I got mine yesterday and listened to 22 Lunar Halo today. Sounds like shit. So much surface noise. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. I knew it would sell out but I think the /200 looks better anyway.
  3. Definitely AOTY for me. I love their whole catalog. Most of it is less proggy, a kind of slimy melodeath. Gastronomicon is my favorite.
  4. In the time I took to listen to the teaser the /100 sold out.
  5. Yes, Relapse always does limited stuff. Pressing numbers for all variants are posted on the pre-order page.
  6. I hope they don't. I have no self control with this band and I don't want these putting further dents in my savings.
  7. Finally got around to checking out the new singles. This sounds like Christian rock. Some of the music is good but those vocals... oof. I probably should have POd this to flip later but I just don't care anymore.
  8. Dead to a Dying World - S/t remastered/remixed LP https://deadtoadyingworld.merchtable.com/vinyl/dead-to-a-dying-world-reprise-reissue-2xlp;13386 We are pleased to reintroduce "Reprise" - a remix, remaster, and reimagining of Dead To A Dying World's 2011 self-titled album, featuring remix by Billy Anderson and additional unreleased cover of Leonard Cohen's "Dance Me To the End of Love". Rather than simply repress the long out-of-print self-titled album, we wanted to revisit the material and present it in a way we believe it was meant to be. With Billy Anderson at the helm once more, these songs breathe new life into the original material just as they had when they were written. Many thanks to our friends who made this record such a meaningful origin in so many ways. They still have copies of the Euro variant in their US store.
  9. I have a feeling these pre-orders are going to go up at a really bad time for me. I am always too slow for the limited stuff.
  10. This, and when you can only buy a release at a specific show or record store. I have an evil hole in another collection because I couldn't fly to Europe to MAYBE pick up one of these 4 different releases. Now they're $500 on ebay/discogs.
  11. https://angstnoise.bandcamp.com/merch or http://ancstcollective.com/ Ancst has a new 4 song EP out on black, clear and white. Each limited to 100 and it looks like each color has a different screen print on the B side. They have yet to put out anything I didn't love and I don't expect this to be any different. This is black metal with a bit of crust but they also have a few new tapes of their dark ambient music available on their bandcamp merch page.
  12. They jumped the shark when they put out that shitty Red Fang record and had 34 variants, most in idiotic bundles, all overpriced. People bitched and they explained that lenticular covers were "very expensive to manufacture".