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  1. New Belphegor PO but I'm looking for somewhere besides Nuclear Blast. That shipping...
  2. https://shopusa.season-of-mist.com/septicflesh-modern-primitive-double-lp-gatefold-colored New Septic Flesh. Only $52 pre-shipping. Or $32 @ Deep Discount
  3. https://purewrath.bandcamp.com/merch Pure Wrath new one is up but no US distro that I know of. Shipping isn't cheap for the US. Shame because this band keeps getting better with each album. OK, I'm dumb. US here https://debemurmorti.aisamerch.com/band/pure-wrath
  4. If you aren't in a hurry pressure+time is your friend. Heating a record to flatten it is finnicky.
  5. Nice! I was just realizing that I needed this on vinyl and looked it up yesterday. Figured it would never get repressed since it's been so long. Stoked.
  6. Apparently messages now have to be approved in the Metal thread, which means you'll get the message here so that in case it doesn't go through, it hasn't been a complete waste of time.


    But I found your take on the Mgla situation fairly ridiculous, it actually warranted me to sign in. Haha.


    If there's a Nazi at the table and you're absolutely certain he's a Nazi, as in, he doesn't just disagree with you politically and actually wears a proper, shiny and glorious Nazi uniform. (They did get their uniforms right) Then I can pretty much confirm that there aren't going to be 10 people around the table talking to the dude, and if there were, it'd merely have been out of curiosity as in.. the guy is wearing a ridiculously nice uniform.


    Now, if I'm at the bar and there's a Nazi (which we somehow have 100% confirmed is true) then I'd immediately try to have a debate with the dude, to see where he's coming from and why he happens to come from that place, and then I'd probably offer him a healthier outlook on life, but according to you, I'd be a Nazi simply for being the type who happens to be into debating someone I happen to disagree with. I'm also certain you'd want to make fun of me for "wanting to see where he's coming from" But dude, that's just kind of how life works. If somebody's wrong, you don't enforce their beliefs further by not even allowing them to speak. That does nothing good and it never has done.


    While I don't know the dude from Mgla, but certainly adore the music. I can more or less say with certainty that the guy is just metal to the bone. Metal has always been about being shocking, satanic and vile, especially on the extreme end of the scale. As a metal fan, which I'd assume you are, given the thread we're in, you should clearly know that metal likes to offend and push boundaries.  Which is why I'm telling you that it's very unlikely that the dude is a Nazi, he also happens to be from Poland, so he probably has a pretty decent understand of what went down there. I mean, shit.. looking at their lyrics they they seem fairly nihilistic, so if the guy doesn't care for jews, I can't imagine he cares much about his own race or gender either.


    Metal has talked about stabbing women in the cunt, beheading them and raping their headless bodies, and you were okay with that all along.

    But now that we have a dude who is approaching a different kind of shock value, you find it too much to take.


    You are being a hypocrite here, and deep down I believe that you also know this, but this whole "Nazi" thing seems to have become the go to topic of the world at this point. And in many ways, you do us all a disservice by throwing the term around so loosely, since it has reached the point where the word is losing its meaning.

    There is such a thing as outrage culture, and while you don't seem to be interested in Mgla, I can more or less say with certainty that they don't want you listening to them either, if this a decent portrayal of the things you actually happen to take issue with. People are complex man, all it'd take is for you to meet the dude and actually ask him where's trying to come from. But it does feel as if you've put this guy on some kind of shit list. (You won't even listen to the music, so you feel very strongly about this, clearly)


    And if that's truly where you stand, I say go for it. If you can't be arsed to listen to Mgla, then by all means, don't listen to them.  But you can at least have the basic  decency to not spread this kind of shit on the internet. You act as if this dude has somehow been picked as Hitler's second in command and that he's been put on trial for war crimes.


    It's merely shock value, and you're the living proof that this works for them, assuming that's even their goal. Everything I've seen tied to this statement of them being Nazis has been fairly weak at best.

    Try to at least see that everything doesn't have to be black and white, there's a fairly obvious grey area here as far as I'm concerned, and metal is best when it's in the grey area.


    Cattle Decapitation has a song called Forced Gender Reassignment and the pictures that song paints happen to be far more grim than any dude who might feel like some jews might have too big of a bank account. Which probably is about as far as your wanna-be nazis often go. You'd have to dig deep in the forest to find people who actually believe that they should be exterminated.


    People have always liked to point the finger. That's what happened in Germany back then, the history is fairly well documented.


    You're pointing the finger at Mgla, I'm pointing the finger at you. Hell, I'm spending time writing something that very likely isn't going to change anyone's mind seeing as yours appear to be set already,  but I like to debate people I disagree with.


    And while I'm certainly not the type to really want to censor shit. I wish this topic could be left alone as it always seems to sneak its way into this thread. Now if the dude ever comes out in support of Hitler, then I think that'd be something worthwhile to bring up, but these sorts of assumptions with nothing to show for it.. I  feel like the metal community can do better than that. We've been through this since the genre became a thing. People judged  how I presented myself and had assumptions about metal, just as you've got assumptions about Mgla. And it's human to have an assumption, I'm not blaming you there, I do it all the time. But I think it goes too far when we accuse people of something we really don't know a thing about.

  7. My biggest sacrifice was Mgla. If there's a Nazi at the table and 10 other people sitting there talking to him, you got a table with 11 Nazis. And I'm not sitting at the Nazi table.
  8. Things I actually want to spend money on (and I don't need fancy ass deluxe editions: We Bought a Zoo Peel Sessions Manhattan Soundtrack Video compilation Á 7" repress Simpson theme 7"
  9. Dawn Ray'd - Behold Sedition Plainsong LP Europe - black vinyl https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/dawn-ray-d/behold-sedition-plainsong Europe - silver or dark green, shirt bundles http://www.holyroarrecords.com/products/search?q=dawn+ US - silver or dark green , shirts, patches etc https://dawnrayd.bandcamp.com/album/behold-sedition-plainsong
  10. I know there are no plans to release a physical version of this but I'd buy anything Austin puts out.
  11. That's great if the guy has changed and if he's not going to try to kill his wife anymore. He didn't do anything to warrant forgiveness from ME. Can he be a member of society? Probably. He can have society's forgiveness but not mine. It doesn't matter though because I don't care about the band anyway. There's no shortage of other bands.
  12. "Drama". I'd say trying to have your wife killed is a little worse than "drama". Fuck Tim, fuck this band, and fuck anyone who gives them money.