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  1. I really want to find this pressing. I've got NOFX colors and first pressings to trade as well as a few other things. Hit me up!
  2. Lol. Funniest post ever. "Complain, complain, complain some more, ah well I love them".
  3. Apparently there's a limit to how many photos one may include in any given post. Here are the rest: Punk In Drublic - Black 1st Press - $20 This looks rough but it's not bad. Just dusty. I will clean it before sending it. Punk In Drublic - Green/600 with White smoke - $45 ...also I did not type the subject all retarded like that. It won't let me fix it. Grrrr.
  4. Ok, there was a problem with my last thread, so here is a corrected one that is also updated. Thanks all. Ok here we go. Prices are PPD in the US and will be pro-rated $5 for everywhere else. You know shipping costs. Yes I will haggle. Yes I will combine (does better for haggling). I will consider trades more easily now and especially for Boris The Sprinkler vinyl, Sub Pop Singles Club 7"s an OMM Store Exclusive or The Slackers Wasted Days. Because I have a new PayPal account, you must agree to gift the payment to me. Otherwise I have to wait like 21 days for funds which I cannot do. I you don't want to, I understand but will not be flexible. All US orders get tracking for peace of mind. Euros will have to include it if wanted. Again, I'm open to dealing, especially on multiples and especially if we've dealt before. Please ask all questions you have. If you need more photos, PM. Thanks wiki doods! Here they are: Maximum Rock & Roll - Grey 2nd Press - $30 S&M Airlines - Black 1st Press - $20 This looks rough but it's not bad. Just dusty. I will clean it before sending it. Ribbed - Red/500 - $35 I'm also on the fence about my Longest Line (white) and Self Entitled (180 gram). If you're interested in these, PM me an offer.
  5. I just started going there. I'm moving up to Charlotte very soon.
  6. This is one of 6 known copies from a pressing of 1,000. Most of them went I the garbage when Moon Ska went belly up. I never thought I'd see it, but Lunchbox in Charlotte delivered!
  7. I'm excited excited for this. Kudos to Todd for keeping everyone so in the loop here.
  8. The Captain is wise. eBay has ruined collecting for so many. There's nothing like getting your fingers all dusty as fuck.
  9. Well, I went for it. It's absolutely gorgeous aurally and visually.