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  1. Goddamnit, just watched the video for Pitiful - that song gives me fuckin chills.
  2. Looked into “declared-value” insurance when I had a decent/collectible car but never actually went through with it. I assume all that shit’s covered in my homeowner’s policy, but I should really explicitly ask.
  3. Someone get the candy cane and trade me when you get it. I also have the mint/red variant.
  4. This is such a huge fucking deal for me. Christ, I love this album.
  5. I prefer the Candy Cane /2000 over the Flurries anyway. I'm one of the FOMO assholes who bought this release for 100 in the past year, but now I don't feel so bad since these are 60 shipped lol.
  6. I was so fuckin excited about these releases that I didn’t even read anything aboot them. Hell. I didn’t even look at variants, just gimme. Are they in hand?! That’d be fucking amazing.
  7. Looks like Exile and Blackhawks colored variants are sold out.
  8. Didn’t even look at dates or variants. Just add to cart and buy buy buy. Fuck yes
  9. Hollllly fuck i bought exile and blackhawks so fuckin fast.
  10. Got shipping notification for Cheval de Frise from Computer Students.