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  1. Echo what Fish said. I listed a bootleg on ebay, it sold within a couple of hours, I packed and shipped it same day. Next day I had an email that ebay removed my listing. I contacted them and said that I’d already sent the record, what do? They said that the payout would come my way. Your situation might be similar, def contact ebay.
  2. Foo Fighters Drummer - Taylor Hawkins Dance Gavin Dance Bassist - Tim Feerick Black Dahlia Murder Singer - Trevor Scott Strnad This year sucks.
  3. Tour announcement. Don’t see anything about vinyl. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cda2XWyr2IR/ Guess it’s cool that Poppy’s gonna be there lol
  4. Incredible if we’re getting a repress of Siamese Dream.
  5. Just got shipping notification for Light Purple Blast
  6. Yeah, I wonder if we'll see some other variants pop up over the next couple of weeks or so.
  7. Nah, chill. This one guy on the internet told me it's never gonna get repressed.
  8. Based on our previous convos, I couldn't remember if that was you or not. And yeah, maybe "sponsored" wasn't the right word. Co-posts? Idk, your content along with some of the diggers you feature pop up for me.
  9. Anyone seen FROW? I see some sponsored posts on IG about it. Supposedly you can buy vinyl live? idk
  10. How much were these records when they were originally released? How much are they at shows? The copies that I see that get listed by record stores now are like 50 bucks, but I can't imagine that's how much they were last year. I think the "be patient" aspect is kinda about perspective in a sense. You don't have to be the sucker who pays 150-300 for a colored variant of this album, but I don't think you're finding one for 35 bucks shipped. And with all of that being said, discogs has a Revolver variant listed from March, 2022, so perhaps "be patient" does indeed still have some merit.
  11. Followed, perhaps I can provide some content for future posts lol
  12. Dope. It seems like I can jump around the discography, of which they've plenty.
  13. Been listening to Homovore a lot lately as an "intro" to Cattle Decapitation. Suggestions for next album? I did a little bit of reading and it seems like the consensus is that these guys get better over time (I love when that happens) - should I just skip to the new stuff?
  14. This popped up on my YT suggested the other day: https://analepsy.bandcamp.com/album/quiescence Vinyl available here - http://analepsy-quiescence.com/ Or here - Agonia Records Cassette too if you're into that sort of thing.
  15. This band is so fucking good, I'd be all over a double LP.
  16. I'm relatively new to vinyl collecting...Why do bands/labels 404 the pages for the sold out variants? Half the links in the OP don't work anymore, not even to reference the pic; I don't get it.

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