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  1. What gets my goat is that it's a 28 dollar record. Yes, I live in chicago so tax 10%+ tax is ludicrous, but 8.50 for shipping is steep for a single LP (yeah yeah, packing tape, time, boxes, I get it).
  2. Some of the comments on my FB post were of that sentiment as well (no reply/confirmation about address change) so I guess my expectations are set now and while I find it a little surprising that no reply is the norm, I can't change how others do or don't communicate.
  3. @Derek™ You also mentioned something kind of interesting earlier too, not necessarily at play in OP's scenario, but relevant when comparing first presses to represses. Sometimes represses come with additional material, like new artwork, demos, re-recorded tracks, etc. So the "first press" aspect of owning an old record becomes even more nuanced.
  4. I wasn't even that annoyed by not getting a reply; that's happened to me before. I was annoyed that I got conflicting information from the company. A snarky email can always be handled easily if you have any kind of semblance for customer service. I digress cause frankly the refund is better for me now anyway. The Goods & Services "refund" was fuckin ridiculous though lol.
  5. And my snark was only there because I got conflicting information. Right, circumstance avoidable on many accounts, some my own, of course. I'll echo what I just wrote. I wasn’t rude until I got conflicting information from them. In the 10/17 email where he wrote, "We can just cancel and refund you since you think it’s ok to send an email like that," he also sent a picture: So he didn't send it, nor did he refund like he said he would. He just held it hostage until I replied, then doubled down on his position, called me an asshole, and lectured me about how to treat small businesses.
  6. Oh, I just got into reading...like books. I don't even know the language to ask the questions I have lol. wtf is 1st/1st? what is cloth bound? where can i get a copy of rage without paying 800 bucks?
  7. What's bolded below is at the crux of OP's post. If you pay a premium (or conversely, if you potentially got a great deal) for a First Press, you'd like to be able to verify that. To add some hyperbole, especially when we're talking about a 40 year old album from one of metal's most popular acts. Regarding the underlined: I've only been here for a couple of years (I'm part of the problem and got into the hobby recently, sorry) and I've seen everything from literally term paper requests to developers asking to test their apps. This place must be high-ranking on google to get so much new traffic for a fuckin invision forum.
  8. Regarding the bold, I feel like a Metallica album from 1983 is going to have a larger population of those that would care vs. something like Turnstile's Glow On, but I'm weeding into hypotheticals here.
  9. Understood. I don't know anything about those numbers either and can't really help you in deciphering what you have, sorry.
  10. Welcome to the site @op. Some good info in here despite it looking like it's a bit aggressive. At least you now know that you can use discogs's search function to lookup runout matrices.
  11. Finally got a "refund" from Wanna Hear It records after they held my records hostage for 3 weeks, waiting for me to reply after saying they'd initiate a refund. I was told, "we got you" regarding an address change and when I got my shipping notification for the order, my old address was listed. I sent a snarky email as a reply. Here's the full exchange:
  12. https://shop.godsmack.com/products/godsmack-25th-anniversary
  13. Just got shipping notification from Down Right Merch for the /1500.
  14. Well fuck me too. I’ve been waiting to even hear about the repress for a while but went under for several months. It looks like you can still order a copy from Germany - https://www.kulturkaufhaus.de/de/detail/ISBN-0759656108010/Hella/Hold-Your-Horse-is
  15. Nice 10” as well. Up until this point, what’s “best” press of In Utero?
  16. Such a good album. I'm in the "not buying shit" phase right now, but this is tempting.

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