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  1. Just got this and don't remember which variant I got lol. Gotta check my notes. I'm at this shit position in life where I have to start getting rid of shit and am going to move. Fuckkkkkkkkkkk
  2. As someone with Instagram, I appreciate the info being posted here so I can view questions and comments about the record without leaving the site; it’s more than common courtesy, it’s common sense Some people have 0 forum etiquette and they’re the same people that drop YT links in conversation and expect you to leave the convo for 7 minutes and come back with a dissertation about their dumb fucking link. Nah, fuck your link. Post some content. Have an opinion. Provide something to the forum.
  3. First impression was also not very good. I’ll listen again but I am not in a rush to spin again.
  4. Good luck to you. I'm almost in the same boat lol
  5. https://werewolvesdeathmetal.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-cave-to-the-grave Out today
  6. To quote @se7enstitches - "Fire and forget" When the records show up, they show up. Sometimes they're extremely nice surprises.
  7. Bold is true for me and I copped anyway. Fucking LOVED it back then and will definitely love it now even if purely for nostalgia reasons.
  8. You're lucky...mine had a polisher taken to it or some shit. https://imgur.com/a/0DKfHdo
  9. Mine too. Haven’t had a chance to open it yet though. I don’t even remember what the variant is hahah
  10. I'M TRYING TO BE GOOD WITH MONEY fuck...i love NUFAN so much.
  11. Got shipping notification from All Hail Behemoth for It's All Happening today.
  12. Actually no, believe it or not. I think the one you're referring to was also sold through Larry Records (and possibly Zegema Beach?) - which has NOT shipped yet; someone else hit me up on IG when I posted that and asked the same thing. This was sold through Illuminate My Heart and New Cosmos and they actually had em in hand - twasn't a pre-order. More pics: Custom jacket
  13. @ejc625 Pink 10" center is the demo that was just pressed. The jacket in the bottom right is a custom jacket I had made for the 10".
  14. They dropped a video? That was a drop? hahahahha
  15. That seems like the best course of action for the band and TIlian. Hope the victims find solace and peace somehow cause that's what's really important here.
  16. Oh fucking hell...I'm trying to be decent with money. Are there other variants?

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