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  1. Most here are likely to already have the RearviewMirror from WalMart, but this just had a price drop on Vol. 1. $23.22. However Vol. 2 is over $50 now. Maybe because it seems harder to come by, in my experience anyway. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Pearl-Jam-RearviewMirror-1991-2003-Vol-1-Walmart-Exclusive-Vinyl-Exclusive/223011824
  2. Preordered this from Popmarket and they totally screwed the pooch. I had to send them a note to find out they don't have it and it's backordered! Now it seems hard to find in stock anywhere. Sucks.
  3. As already stated, the early UK Vertigo swirls are where it's at, but the German and I think Aussie Vertigo swirls are supposed to be good as well. Be prepared to spend $200-$300 for the early UK though. Recently I went through the Sabbath I have and found this pressing to sound pretty solid. https://www.discogs.com/release/2270266-Black-Sabbath-Master-Of-Reality Good luck!
  4. Just got an email at 4:41PM EST from Bullmoose with this headline: Everything you need to know about Record Store Day at Bull Moose! The email goes on to say: ALL LOCATIONS OPEN AT 8AM SATURDAY VIRTUAL RSD BEGINS 8AM SUNDAY That's all your really need to know, right? We'll see you tomorrow morning with lists in hand! If you'd like to get a headstart on browsing head on over to THE LIST on our website. Also! Here's PRO TIP: the checkmarks next to each store show which of them have your favorite release in stock so that can help you plan your day! Have fun tomorrow! Honestly, this company has lost the plot! If they once were great, they seem to be a mess now. I live in Maine and check it out when near one of their stores, but really I like Newbury Comics much better, when I can get to one.
  5. I don't, but someone in a FB vinyl group I'm in does and he says it's really great and the company seems to really stand behind the product. That all said, it's still $3k for a RCM. Hard to justify for the standard collector, unless money is no object. Myself I sprung for a Okki Nokki a couple years ago for $450 and I'm pretty pleased with that. It's also cheaper than that to get into an ultrasonic set up now, by cobble it together with the tank from amazon and the record holder deal from ebay.
  6. Newbury Comics has Gigaton in their clearance bins now for $17.99 now. Picked one up two weeks ago. It's the "In The Midst Of The 6th" version with no 7".
  7. No way? Where did you find a rescue Bernese? So beautiful! Love those and want one, but already have one silly dog. Congrats though. Photos will be needed.
  8. Mike said on his FB post this new pressing has a slight remastering, so makes me wonder how it will sound compared to the other pressings?
  9. Pretty psyched to get one of these. So hope MOV did a great job with this. Not one I thought would be on vinyl any time soon.
  10. That one says it ships within 3 days, so who knows?
  11. Got one of these today. Well exceeded my expectations. Needs a wet cleaning to lose some static right out of the package maybe, but yeah, not bad at all. Thick vinyl, the color is great. No frills cover, but that's fine. A nice piece at a great price. Also, this was my first time buying vinyl from Wal-Mart online and to my surprise they shipped it in a proper vinyl shipping box. Can't say the same for Target, that shipped a record to me in a thin plastic sleeve, like packing you might get a t-shirt in the mail in. The slight cover ding was no additional charge however! Dicks.
  12. Never got a shipping notice, but it did show up on Monday. Mine was brown with smoke, looks more like pee yellow with black streaks. Giving it a spin now. It does sound quite good and possibly the slightest bit compressed, but still stoked to have this on vinyl. Hard to sit and work at a computer with this playing! EDIT: Constant Velocity Is As Natural As Being At Rest is all sorts of badass, as always!
  13. If you can only buy one, seems tough to decide which one. Maybe the first one? Oh and if 5150 pops up in this format, I'd happily buy that.
  14. A Pelican case is a pretty amazing thing. You could then keep it or sell it on in Paris!
  15. Anyone else getting a shipping notification? This went up nine months ago today, fwiw! Yikes.
  16. Three titles by America put out by Friday Music! HOLY BALLS! Two Night Ranger titles. WTF with this crap!
  17. Short flash sale at the They Might Be Giants merch shop, including several vinyl titles for only $20. A couple shirts for their tour that didn't happen as well. https://tmbgshop.com/ https://tmbgshop.com/collections/vinyl
  18. Correct me if I'm wrong, but these look to be sold out already. When is the release date anyway?
  19. Just found this thread. The Daaaaaaaaarrrrk is so much better! Thank you!