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  1. That tune totally crushes when they play it live! I think Nate brought that one into the set lists currently.
  2. Pretty sure they said Antenna is one they can't and won't be reissuing, which is too bad. Many want it now.
  3. Anyone able to answer why a UK buyer would be paying VAT tax to a US seller such as myself, on a discogs purchase? Is this new? Never had that happen before that I recall. Clueless for the most part on VAT tax, you know, cause 'merica!
  4. Thorens TD 166 MKII TT with Ortofon 2M Blue Ohm FRS-11 Speakers McIntosh C-28 Pre Amp Bryston 5B ST (curb find!) Couple of Nakamichi cassette decks in the wings, waiting to get sorted. The Bryston is a crazy random find. When I first moved to Brooklyn around 2010, my wife and I were walking in our neighborhood that has some pretty sweet $$ brownstones and I happen to see this on the curb and was stunned to say the least. It was also trash day, so someone must have been tossing this! Felt I knew the name at the time, but it was still well worth hauling the block home and researching the piece. It has some heft to it! Turns out the company has a crazy no questions asked 20 year warranty on all their stuff. It still had a few years left on the warranty, so got in contact with them, sent it to their US repair center in VT and had it sorted. There really wasn't anything wrong with it and it cost me like $80 to send and get checked out. It was the basis of my stereo and has been ever since. It's a tank! The pre-amp that I had before the Mcintosh, which was a 70's Rotel piece, was also a curb find.
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    bump for deletion
  6. Received the Coke Bottle Clear yesterday. Nice packaging. Trifold with a disc in each section. The vinyl looks great. One has a bit of white smoke through it. Super clear and clean sounding vinyl. Nice all around. Worth the wait.
  7. From Analogue Productions: Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters 2LP 45rpm Beach Boys - Pet Sounds 2LP 45rpm Stereo Books: Michael Ochs - 1000 Album Covers Ross Halfin - Led Zeppelin Vinyl: The Essential Collection
  8. Update: https://www.facebook.com/tentaclesindustries/posts/343953121063497
  9. I received a shipping notification for this yesterday, if anyone else has been waiting for theirs.
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    Found one on discogs, so this can be deleted. Thanks. Yep, looking for one. The newer repress is perfectly fine. Only caught onto Dallas' music in June, so totally missed this one as a result. Thanks in advance for any leads. Happy Holidays!
  11. Received this email from Ambient Inks today about the coke bottle clear I ordered: Hey there, Thank you for your order for the Minus the Bear "Farewell" Coke Bottle Clear vinyl. We've just received an update from the manufacturer, and these albums have been delayed. The vinyl are now expected to ship on or around January 14th. You will get an email with tracking when your order ships. Thank you for your understanding and patience. We're doing everything we can to ship your order as soon as possible. If you have any questions or need to modify your order, please reach out using the contact information below. Sincerely, Minus the Bear x Ambient Inks No big deal. I appreciate the update from them.
  12. Clicked on the links above for De La Soul - 3 Feet High & Rising and the Elusive says it was discontinued and the other is a dead link. Does that mean they are sold out or were they recalled or the like?
  13. Did everyone get this that preordered it? I've gotten nothing and not even a shipping notification. Is it delayed I wonder?
  14. WTF. This and Dredg on the same day! Might this be the same pressing as the Earth Analog one from 2018 I'm wondering?
  15. This says 'limited edition', but no info has to how limited it is.
  16. Cripe, I hope not! Please no posters either.
  17. Might be this one or his new release vid that he usually does once a week, I forget which, but he says he heard from a solid source that this pressing is digitally sourced, leaving the Grundman one as one of the better pressings. He also did a comparison video earlier this year of several pressings, this not included of course, and said the very first non-CRC pressing is the best, followed by most any of the Bernie Grundman pressings.
  18. Obviously everyone has to decide for themselves, but his info I always find worthwhile, since he has access to all this stuff and an insane sound system at home.
  19. Oh damn, that's a crazy deal. Already purchased, but great to know. Thanks much.
  20. uDiscover is having 25% off sale for Veterans Day. Plus they have free shipping as well. Great way to get Tone Poet titles on the cheap. Use this link and get $10 off $50 of or more, then I'll get $10 off my next purchase. shorturl.at/ptuQS
  21. Does this mean that 'Suck Out the Poison' is a little bit closer to finally getting pressed?

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