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  1. Update! All orders will ship today and tomorrow! All overseas/Canada orders went out this morning. i'll post another update when everything is out
  2. except its my label and my decisions, so i'm right! haha i joke i joke!
  3. come on folks, lets not fight and argue. it was meant to be fun! simple as that. if you missed out, sorry. i did it the way it was done for a reason, if someone doesn't like that or understand that, im really sorry, it doesn't really bother me. opinions are opinions. all i can say is go plan your wedding, have two of your favorite bands help you out, and start your own label. then you can do it the way you want! enjoy!
  4. no one was allowed to buy multiple copies of colors via solidarity. I enforced that and refunded anyone who attempted. I split it into colors and reduced the pressing number on purpose! haha I get your point 100%, I really do. if this was a normal release I wouldn't have done this. but its for our wedding, so I really don't care! haha I was mainly focused on us being happy. selfish, probally. it is what it is if its repressed, it wont be on more than 1-2 colors.
  5. na, im not taking it as bitching, I understand where youre coming from it was offered to everyone who wanted one. it was posted weeks prior to when it would go up, where it would go. further than that, I cant control.
  6. it wasn't 4 different /100 variants, and it wasn't a gimmick, its our wedding colors. and it was needed here, I wanted all the colors. this was done for us and shared with everyone. no one had to buy all the colors, one would have done
  7. I could have probally done a lot of things different to make others/collectors happy, but that wasn't the intention from the beginning for this idea. the colors were chosen based off colors of our wedding, and the numbers were chosen because I only wanted 500, so that only gives me so many options. im sure I could've done 1000+ and it would've sold. I promise if there is ever more of this, it wont be on 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, colors etc at first this it was only gonna be /100 invitations only. but then I wanted people to hear it. so 500 it was haha hope that helps explain my reasoning
  8. i'll do a final count today, they came yesterday. after I do a final count, i'll let everyone know if there are any extras. these will ship the week of 4/22
  9. colors turned out rad Purple / 100 (color1 via solidarity) Clear / 200 (color2 via solidarity) white with black streaks / 100 (interpunk) really like how this one turned out! white /100
  10. that wasn't possible with this release. I only allowed one copy per color
  11. there was a cart limit of one per color. and if anyone did separate orders, I will refund them!
  12. thanks so much man! yeah its been quite an experience for sure. I have had a lot of fun with it surprisingly
  13. try again. I just tried and its running smooth. have gotten a few emails with people happy about that haha
  14. Holy fuck, you guys are insane! interpunk and solidarity /100 are gone, some of the /200 still there after I get the vinyl on Monday from the plant, and do the count, if for some reason there are more, I will post that here and put them up in the store. also, if there are multiple orders by the same person, I will cancel those and have some extra from that thanks for all the congrats and such, means a ton
  15. its up. and here is the interpunk link http://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=209960&

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