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  1. my current roommates are my cats. assholes puke everywhere and make me clean their shit.
  2. my ex-wife did NOT understand this, at all. like, woman, sometimes i just want to play xbox in the third bedroom, doesn't mean i don't love you or don't want to spend time with you, shitttt
  3. you might die if you saw the live streams i've watched, haha
  4. at least it seems like it's gonna go out with a bang also canada is still airing the episodes on thursdays, so if you use the google, you can find the eps posted well before saturday.
  5. Biggest thing I'm hoping for is that Chad turns out to be Ray's kid for real.
  6. I love Kim Dickens and this looks fantastic.
  7. where the fuck's he running to? anyway, looks damn good. can't wait.
  8. that was the weirdest lesbian sex scene i've ever watched. and i've watched a few
  9. damn, that fridge is awesome. that said, i will probably just end up renting this from red box lol
  10. Today is my last day of work! Finally out from underneath this job that I have hated for at least the last 3 years! Also B99 is the best.
  11. a bunch of my favorite albums are Reba McEntire records from the early to mid 90s, so yeah.
  12. if a kid brought a flare gun to school now he'd be expelled, arrested, put in jail, and generally have his life ruined. it's a whole other world where you'd get saturday detention for that. also boxer briefs are 100% where it's at.
  13. I'm at a point in my life where I just really want to rent from now on. I've done the homeowner thing. Over it. Generally when I feel like that, I eat fruit. Raspberries, grapes or cherries. the hobby? THE HOBBY

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