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  1. Cool. Tempting but 12$ after s&h for 2 novelty xmas songs is still too much for me
  2. Used the Sept code to order this today. Looks like a slick package and not bad for that price! Thanks!
  3. Packaging looks rad and the "Backasswards" is great! I'm in with Kurt!
  4. Nice! I wonder why this is getting it's first pressing now.
  5. I got a copy of QOTSA Songs for the Deaf on red wax for 40$. Plays fine but the sleeve is banged up and a couple scuffs on the records.
  6. Hell yeah! Great price for these. Also glad i didn't drop the coin on BS RSD!
  7. New Sleep is album is great!! Not fucking around and trying to get a copy this weekend. There will be plenty to go around.
  8. For the Kiwi's looking. Real groovy! https://realgroovy.co.nz/product/8714092049138/a-poets-life-rsd-2018-vinyl