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  1. email me virgil @ i sent you an email about this same issue -dylan
  2. i havent been on this forever but i had to post my love for this release and all things honor system. thanks for putting this out guys!
  3. i was at the show last night at the glasshouse, and yeah he said they sold out for the night. so for anyone going make sure you buy it early. they are also selling drop cards once the 7"s are sold out if you really jsut want the songs, i think they were $2
  4. saw them at the glasshouse last night and it was an amazing set. they started telling jokes and then said it was turning into a blink 182 show. heres the set list Holiday I'm a Loner Dottie, a Rebel The One You Want Valentine Coming Clean Woodson Overdue keith case Red Letter Day No Love Off the Wagon Campfire Kansas Holy Roman Mass Pike Action and Action On a Wire ---- (Encore)---- Close to Me Beer for Breakfast Don't Hate Me I'll Catch You Ten Minutes
  5. awesome i didnt even know he had another release besides american hearts, ill have to be picking up both albums. and i didnt think he was really known at all either, i was suprised when i saw this thread
  6. i saw him open up for the weakerthans and picked up his album. its pretty damn great i didnt know its on vinyl now, where can i pick it up?
  7. ill be at this show for sure since i missed them last time because of the fires
  8. i got the poster and didnt even realize it said polar bear club til i saw the picture you posted haha. it is awesome
  9. www.twitter.com/retiredexplorer and limbeck played at a bar the other night and it was by far one of the best shows ive ever been to
  10. juan wont vote unless daisy of love is added to the list
  11. the aliens being drones may be unappealing to you, but it was explained that way in the movie so i dont think you can call it a plot hole (or however you worded it, i dont feel like going back and looking). also like scott said, they were drugged up. they said in the movie the cat food was like cat nip to them. also keep in the mind that when they found them they were extremely malnourished. i think when you are in that state it is very easy to accept whatever is handed to you. they also could have just been so stupid that they saw what was given to them as being amazing
  12. i saw this last night and like everyone said it was amazing, not at all what i expected it to me, though i didnt know much about it, i thought it was just a typical sci-fi movie. im glad i was wrong about that
  13. im in los angeles, but cant really afford to head up to san francisco for a show right now, so therein lies my problem
  14. ordered the set of 2! now how do i get copy of the reunion show version

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