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  1. I'm 31 and it's Bullets and Three Cheers for me then everything else was a bit meh.
  2. Lovely. Sold my 'Three Cheers...' last year for decent cash, sounded like trash too. Hopefully they do a better job of the repress.
  3. 'Enemy' was definitely one of the new ones they played when I saw them last month. Vassalotti was grooving his way through it!
  4. I echo the 3/3 statement made earlier. Love that Smithsy last track.
  5. Mould and mouldy. It's English, our spelling is correct.
  6. Saw it on Monday, thought to myself "plenty of time left in this"...sold out by Wednesday. I'm sure they'll be a black copy but for £10.99 I should have just done it.
  7. Saw them last night in London. Played 2 or 3 new songs (incl Little Killer) very much sounded like what Carson said, straight up pop songs but with their sound stamped right through it. Great reception for all the new ones.
  8. Will definitely pledge when I get paid. Picked this up when I was in holiday in Florida (2000?). One of the best Power-Pop albums ever.
  9. Just press the first album and be done with it.
  10. I bought Tigers Jaw - Two Worlds on a whim because of the hype on here. Yeah.....that sucked.

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