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  1. sounds like this is going to take forever haha. isn't the average turn around time these days like 6 months after you place the order with the plant?
  2. really digging the new tracks. i like that he's been trying to change it up with new nadja releases considering there was a long stretch of everything sounding the same for a while. Flipper, Queller, and Tangled (recommended) were all very different. Flipper being my least favorite of the three, but i appreciated it.
  3. i always found the idea of them being separate EPs to be strange and weirdly out of order anyway. weren't these all recorded during the same session?
  4. im sure a few others already have first dibs, but i'll buy the Twist 7" (eyes wide shut art) off of anyone who can't unhear the twitter hate from their speakers
  5. i don't really hear the Ride comparison. maybe Chapterhouse. but even then, Airiel is more dream-poppy than the old shoegaze bands.
  6. they lost me with sunbather. mostly because of the guitar work on that one. i'm loving this track, though. sounds closest to their demo
  7. just because i don't have to buy it doesn't mean i can't criticize it. i've supported this band for a really long time. i'll say whatever the fuck i want about their overpriced VIP packages. its not like i'm losing sleep over it. i'm probably not even attending a show on this tour. it wasn't until after the BSN cycle that circa started coming up with dumb ways to charge a lot of money for things that aren't worth it. someone of you shelled out hundreds of dollars for that terrible "hand painted" variant of violet waves. also, when and where did i say art should be free?
  8. i went to three creature club meet & greets. the first two were when BSN had just come out. both were great experiences with very few people and we definitely got our money's worth. the last meet up was at the tail end of the club's existence and it sucked. there were way more people, most of them complete dickbags, and the band was more stand off-ish. this band is guilty of doing a ton of shameless cash grabs these days. the $80 VIP packages are bullshit and i would never pay for one.
  9. they sounded great. they only played for about 30 minutes, though.
  10. i bought their three other albums, meaning everything besides FP because they didn't have it. i don't think it has been repressed yet. i was basically asking if anyone knows if it'll be stores considering all of the others are
  11. did anyone ever figure out whether or not the Fantastic Planet repress is actually exclusive to the pledge site? i bought copies of the three other records at the amoeba album release thing today. it would be dumb to not sell their best album in stores especially when i think this is their time to reach wider audiences.
  12. my roommate and i attended the "listening party" in echo park the other day and he won the test press. he's not a vinyl guy. so, needless to say, i've been spinning it the past day or two. its an awesome record. the only throw away track is "mulholland drive," in my opinion. i'd say its on par with fantastic planet. the vinyl itself is a bit noisy, i'm not sure if that was intended since i haven't heard a good mp3 version yet.
  13. mine was about $44 after shipping. that's like $15 per 180g LP in a triple gatefold. considering a lot of standard weight single LPs can run you up to $30 after shipping these days, this is more than reasonable. if this were 2010, then yeah i'd expect this to be ten dollars cheaper.