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  1. Will try to get Bad Religion 7”, Game Face 7” and Youth Of Today 7”.
  2. That must be a different variant. The other one hade red in it.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/tomasvinyl/ Started my account today. It will be mostly old hardcore/punk records + some indie and metal stuff.
  4. 700 copies on clear vinyl on Revelation records.
  5. https://www.crashrecords.co.uk/product/misfits-walk-among-us-yellow-vinyl-lp-indies-exclusive-pre-order/ Yellow vinyl /1000
  6. Limited Swedish version on blue vinyl, 500 copies. Black vinyl also available. https://tictail.com/soundpollution/misfits-walk-among-us-blue-vinyl-ltd-500ex
  7. They recorded 14 songs so i guess one of them didn’t make the cut.
  8. 2 new b-sides + 20 years from now that have already been released as a single.
  9. https://vinylpladen.dk/vinyl/the-national/boxer-live-in-brussels-LP
  10. Must have sold out some minutes ago, i bought one. Dont know if i´ll get it though.
  11. Bengans in Sweden has put their leftovers on the site: https://www.bengans.se/sv/artiklar/kampanjer/record-store-day-2018/rsd2018/ALLA/sida.html
  12. [MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY] We wish to inform you that you can now pre-order the STRICTLY LIMITED Scandinavian versions of Ghost’s new album “Prequelle”. It comes in following pressings: Scandinavian Deluxe Vinyl (5000 copies. Gatefold Clear Vinyl + 10” incl. two bonus tracks: It’s A Sin + Avalanche) Clear Mint Green (1500 copies) Clear Purple (1000 copies) Clear Orange (1000 copies) Clear Process Blue (1000 copies) Black Vinyl (2000 copies) + Scandinavian Deluxe CD (5000 copies Incl. two bonus tracks: It’s A Sin + Avalanche) Scandinavian Cassette (500 copies)
  13. Deluxe clear vinyl with bonus 10", 3000 copies Bengans purple vinyl, 1000 copies Hotstuff orange vinyl, 888 copies CDON mint green vinyl, 1500 copies Ginza blue vinyl
  14. Got my download today. It includes News from the front, Markovian process & Leaders and followers. It´s also up on spotify.