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  1. The Rainbo re-test of Home Like NoPlace Is There is now gone. The two United re-tests are still available though!
  2. Bumperooni. One copy each of the Rainbo + United Home (TE127) re-tests are spoken for, as well as one Goodness (TE149) A/B tests. Only one more of the Rainbo and two of the United TE127 tests remain. Plenty TE149 A/B though.
  3. I should also mention that I have tests for It Never Goes Out as well!
  4. Yup! To be clear, I wouldn't call this a "remaster" per say. It's more a case of us trying to clean up some things to improve the vinyl experience. When you listen to the new pressing, the songs will pretty much sound the same, but the vinyl should be much less noisy (less surface noise, clicks + pops), especially during quiet passages. fyi - the digital version of the record remains the same! Don't buy this on iTunes and expect something different.
  5. Just going through some boxes in my closet and discovered some extra Hotelier test pressings for Home and LP1 of Goodness (only Sides A/B). First, some quick background ... I was never happy with the quality of the Home, Like NoPlace Is There vinyl so last year we decided to re-master and re-cut the vinyl lacquer. I'm not sure if anyone noticed because the changes were fairly minor, but we cleaned up some things and vinyl playback is much improved. The fifth pressing (pressed at United) is this new version, as is some of the orange variant from the 4th pressing (Rainbo). If you want to confirm which version you have, check the deadwax. The old version says "TE127 A / TE127 B" while the new versions say the following .... TE127 A-RR / TE127 B-RR (Rainbo orange variant) TE127 A2-U / TE127 B-U (United 5th pressing variant) As for Goodness, we did two rounds of test pressings to start and unfortunately I don't have any extra of those. United is weird and rarely ever sends me the quantities I ask for. Round 1 - I only received 5 copies (both LPs) and round 2 ... maybe 10-15? However, we had to re-cut Sides A / B, so there's a 3rd round of tests for these and I definitely have extra. I don't know if anyone is interested in having a Goodness test pressing for LP1 and not LP2, but they're available regardless. Anyway, send me a message if you want to throw out an offer!
  6. We extended the July 4th sale until 12am (EST) tonight. Last chance to get 15% off almost everything in the store. tinyengines.net use code july4 And don't forget to check out Sales as well for an additional 20 - 50% off select titles from the catalog ... 27 titles to be exact. The july4 code works for these releases too. If you ever wanted to catch up on our discography, now is the time!
  7. For over 8 years Tiny Engines has been on the forefront of vinyl technology and development, but not until today has a record label attempted something so innovative and groundbreaking. Mark it on your calendar, folks: we're about to break the internet. This weekend, take 15% off nearly everything in our webstore with code july4! Minds blown, right? But prepare to have your brain matter scattered throughout the universe even further when you visit our Sales section. Here you'll find nearly 30 titles that have been discounted an additional 20-50% percent! No code needed for these giant, mother-honking savings, but you can still use the july4 code for a total discount of up to 65%. C'mon guys ... this deal can't be beat! In fact, the Supreme President of the Coalition of Cool Records Labels just called to congratulate us on on this monumental achievement of "kicking some major ass." Her words, not mine. That's right - the supreme president of the CoCRL is a woman, because this is America, dammit. In conclusion, can you imagine how proud your parents will be when you tell them that their lazy, no-good sack of a son / daughter finally got a job and you plan on using your first paycheck to buy a bunch of Tiny Engines records for a what is basically the cost of 6 bags of drainage gravel? The adulation will never stop. Prepare to be loved by everyone and immortalized in the history books. You're welcome, world!
  8. A pox upon your house, sir. Actually, I don't care. As long as you didn't share with like, 100 of your friends, we're good. But if that's the case, a pox upon all your houses!
  9. Most of the time I would agree with this, but in this particular case I think the transitional elements are done with a purpose and they really add to the overall beauty of the record. Also, they're fairly pleasant (and quite brief), and the rest of the tracks feel so substantial and weighty, so for me it's a nice respite. All in all, I think you'll get used to them and eventually come to appreciate their role on the album!
  10. Downloads are going out tonight at midnight EST. Get yr pre-orders on! tnyn.gs/the-hotelier
  11. FYI - the digital version of the album is available for pre-order on Bandcamp as well ... only $5 for a limited time! You'll also get an immediate download of the song "End Results." https://yeeshband.bandcamp.com/album/confirmation-bias

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