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  1. If you can buy 1 record per ticket I'll pick up an extra up for someone here as I'm planning to hit up both London shows. Wonder how they're allocating these; a ltd number available for each show with the pre-order up on Friday? Or a pressed-to-order system where every ticket holder has the option to buy one and pick it up at their show? Either way, as always, Glassjaw are gonna Glassjaw eh!
  2. Glassjaw recently announced a 2022 tour with two-night stands in most cities, which will find them performing their 2000 debut album Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence and their 2002 sophomore album Worship And Tribute in full. Now it's been revealed that the band will also be giving 180 gram colored vinyl reissues to both albums, and packaging them together with a vinyl release of Live At The Forum, recorded at The Forum in London in 2011 and featuring songs from their first two albums and their 2011 EP Our Color Green (but the vinyl release won't include the Coloring Book encor
  3. "Glassjaw, whose last album was 2017's ‘Material Control’, have also announced 'Live At The Forum', a three-piece vinyl set that marks their first official live release. It was recorded at their 2011 London Forum gig, which included songs from both 'Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence' and 'Worship And Tribute', as well as the 2011 EP 'Our Color Green'." - Stereogum
  4. I wonder if there are still label / contract issues with EYEWTKAS and W&T so Glassjaw would have to do a Taylor Swift and re-record the albums to release them as they see fit? Or maybe they're live play-throughs of the albums? I expect it's just a simple re-release that'll likely be remastered, but as this is Glassjaw I feel like nothing, no matter how wild, can be completely off the table!
  5. They did this in London too. Daryl popped in about 1/2 way through the screening and watched some of it with the audience, was very weird.
  6. Signed test press is back up on the U.K. store (was originally 10 copies, now 20) https://thebronx.tmstor.es/product/78068 New single out too;
  7. Rough Trade UK has more Loveless Deluxe copies up : https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/my-bloody-valentine/loveless
  8. The Pure Phase reissue has popped up on Amazon UK with a June 11th release date.
  9. Banquet had the Mountain Blast, but already sold out [still have black] : https://www.banquetrecords.com/phoebe-bridgers/copycat-killer/DOC245LP Couple other UK stores with Mountain Blast in stock : https://www.resident-music.com/productdetails&product_id=77665 https://www.strangerthanparadiserecords.com/phoebe-bridgers-copycat-killer-limited-edition.html
  10. Got a signed Test Press on the UK store, only 10 available : https://thebronx.tmstor.es/product/78068 Banquet have a /300 split : https://www.banquetrecords.com/the-bronx/bronx-vi/COOKLP751
  11. Signed LP + print clear /w turquoise swirl still up on Banquet, can't find it still in stock anywhere in the UK at the moment.
  12. For those looking for the Flexi: Got mine with the yellow indies variant today via Spillers Records; reached out on Tuesday to see if they still had any Flexi's left and they said they had a few, so if you're looking worth getting in touch. There may be some left at Relevant Records Cafe too - they also told me on Tuesday they had 'more than they expected' so may have some left. Ask before ordering as there isn't any info on their website, but they're very quick to reply.
  13. If both of mine arrive here in the UK, I'll very likely let one go for cost [I ordered from 2 different sites to up my chances that at least one will arrive safely] Though may be worth reaching out to the below UK based poster in case their spare copy is still going.

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