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  1. I was into that Bobby & Bonnie track but I didn't know anyone else following you guys at the time, compared to other revered Drive-Thru bands. Not a shot at the band.
  2. Where did it say Drive-Thru wouldn't do a second run? I'm also shocked that this sold out. I remember when this came out, and the response was mild.
  3. Hate to be "that guy" with a bump like this but has there been any update on this? I know the store page says "This PreOrder Item Is Expected To Ship This Winter."
  4. Hendrix’s family “still owns his musical catalogue (as well as the musician’s name and image rights) while Sony is the exclusive licensee of his music.” https://variety.com/2022/music/news/jimi-hendrix-bandmates-sony-lawsuit-1235174521/ The old bandmates’ heirs saw these new box set prices and thought, “wayt a bloody minnit.”
  5. Yo, “limited to 20,000 copies.” That’s wild. 20,000 copies @ $139.99 a piece = $2,799,800
  6. I already got my $600 K1 from PayPal last year but maybe that’s because I’m in Massachusetts?
  7. Is it working on vinyl for anyone? I made a small cart and I don't see the 30% coming off. * added some random other items and it is working on them. I'm assuming the 30% excludes vinyl.
  8. What the hell? File this under "thing I never thought would get pressed." I love this album. I can't believe I just opened VC up and this was here waiting for me.
  9. This seems unfounded? On Spotify it says 40 Hour and Gambling Problem are both published by "Drive-Thru Records / Catch Point Rights Partners" and Catch Point is not some ASCAP Movielife thing: https://www.catchpointrights.com/team
  10. Second press Monday: https://www.instagram.com/p/CiSrxL7L9GZ/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  11. I agree about the blocking thing. That was my one concern. This is not a product made to order situation like if they get 379 orders they press 379 records…so I disagree. As a consumer why would they have the right to hold your money for a situation like this? I wouldn’t do it to a small business or timed-preorder for a small run item.
  12. I see that this idea got shut down already anyway but…does Vagrant even have the rights? I thought this came out on Fiddler or something.
  13. Damn, I want to hear the b-sides for sure. This is an all-timer for me.

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