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  1. This is a little strange though because I just bought the Turnstile bundle for this...so what happens if I want this too? Or a third release? I get multiple copies of magazines?
  2. Honestly this band was a fun break from typical screamo when it came out in like…2006? Also still very catchy to me.
  3. And fucking pricing up even more. The thing is with the holidays around the corner I can see someone asking for/getting these things as gifts easy. Easy price point of $20.
  4. 10"s are slightly less shitty 7"s. Comes down to frequency of having to flip.
  5. Honest question: Is that weird? I feel like that happens…often.
  6. It references that it looks like a paid Cameo video in the article if you took the time to read it.
  7. Not that it's any better, but the real reason is stated. He states that he wasn't going to be compensated for it so he's not promoting it. He then goes on to say this about the guy that actually wrote the songs: "I just hope that Mark Rivers gets compensated, ’cause that dude is the heart and soul and brains and talent behind Mouse Rat. So, if anything, I would just advocate that Mark be taken care of because he did such a great job."
  8. Interesting because across Spotify, LastFM, and song streaming tracking, Norma Jean has more every single time and both of these releases are the first time on vinyl.
  9. I've been waiting for this, and it does come with the bonus Stability EP 12", but $48.94 shipped is tough.
  10. I remember when that first single came out and it was a BANGER. Then...the rest of the album was awful.
  11. Wax Mage sold out instantly...I want to say within 2 seconds.
  12. There's one one discogs for ~$39 https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/8241987 and ~$21 https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/8242767
  13. I sprung for the blankie and record 👀 Side note: My orange and red have shipped.
  14. Feel free to grab me some Carpet collab and I'll get you some dough.
  15. Mine seriously sounded so bad and I normally don’t complain. Static and/or sibilance the entire time.
  16. What’s the deal with Vagrant shipping prices? $15 to ship 3 records to Massachusetts?
  17. Tomorrow (8/6) @ 12 EST https://instagram.com/stories/turnstileluvconnection/2633953360594544288?utm_medium=copy_link

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