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  1. I never know how/when you're supposed to tip for shuttle drivers or valet or anything like that.
  2. one dollar/ drink (always beer). 20% ish for all restaurant tips.
  3. Pretty much, if you understand the basic principals of marketing, enjoy spending a majority of your time staring/building media plans (Excel spreadsheets), haggling/negotiating rates, managing large media budgets, doing research on media vendors (TV, Radio, Web, Print, outdoor...) and your target audience then it would be perfect for you. tight deadlines and bitchy clients can be headaches, but i love working in an agency and don't think i could function in a "normal" kinda corporate job. Plus the amount of free concert + sporting event tickets + free lunches make up for late nights or weekend work that happens. i think over the last year i went to about 20+ hockey games (mostly all suites with food and booze included), the frozen four NCAA hockey playoffs, bruce springsteen, tons of baseball games, iron maiden, some comedy shows and countless other things that were all free gifts from vendors. EDIT: however most of the other folks in the office get annoyed with all the free goodies we (media folks) get because they only get stuff that i cant or dont want to use. So yeah, my jobs pretty good most of the time. I like the sound of all of that except the negotiating. I might have to look into this.
  4. you a media buyer? Agency or client side? I have been working in Ad Agencies throughout Florida for the last 8 years or so as a Media planner/buyer. Not a bad gig at all. i don't really understand media buying, is it mostly a spreadsheet game? if so im interested
  5. I don't think the Target CEO told the furniture photographer to sneak a rush limbaugh book into one picture.
  6. well since you're in vegas you should check southwest. they don't have their fares on other sites.
  7. The article is really great. Much more detail than you'd imagine.
  8. donated a bit. I remember reading about your kids a year or so ago and I'm really glad they're doing well.
  9. im confused as to why you'd do this in photoshop. the easiest is probably excel, or if you really care make it a pdf form in acrobat.
  10. They honestly blow my mind, that first one especially. While being slightly crackden like, over here would still sell for maybe $150k in my town. And with a new roof, paint, any kind of lawn/garden work and a bit of new drywall would go for upwards of 200k. What kind of cesspools do you guys live in haha or is America really that far gone as a whole? No, mostly just the rust belt. Phoenix, despite being a big city is really a big suburb. I've been looking into apartments here and a crappy 1 BR is around 200k in Oakland, in San Francisco it'd be like 700k sadly.
  11. I can't believe you can buy a house for 35k.