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  1. haven't logged in here in quite some time, but figured i should chime in on florida a bit. if you're not going too far south, i can only assume your reason for going to florida is to go to the beach. if you're going to the jacksonville area, you might be out of luck. there used to be two decent shops, but both closed down several years back. there might be some places in st. augustine and daytona, but i'm not personally aware of any. if you're going to the destin/seaside/PCB area, central square in seaside is a nice place, which has already been mentioned. if you're going to the pensacola beach area, though, definitely check out revolver records in pensacola. i've been buying records from eric, the owner, for 15+ years. he and his shop are great, and i still try to stop in when i'm in that area. also, someone suggested graveface in savannah already. definitely check that out if you can. one of the coolest shops i've been to, considering they cater to the record nerd and the cocktail nerd in me.
  2. My only gripe ever with saddle creek is that En Garde wasn't pressed when they re-released it. It needs to happen.
  3. if he doesn't want it I do! Let me know what you're looking to get for it. Only one I didn't grab.
  4. Don't know. $25/pair-ish, or a trade, or cash trade...Really want these two records, but don't have bunches of money to spend on records right now.
  5. Ugh, anyone willing to part with #4 and #5 for a reasonable price?
  6. I emailed GI, waiting on a response. I'll check out Binny's also. Thanks for the help!
  7. Me either...let me know if you find it, and I'll try to figure it out! Just to be specific, I'm only looking for the "Rare", not so much the other BC stouts right now.
  8. I am looking for Goose Island's Bourbon County Rare Stout for my dad. Are these still around?
  9. That TMR portable turntable looks pretty great. Since they are not limited and will be available separately, maybe I will pick one up when I actually have some money, if they are not too expensive. Would be nice to have a second table. Anyone know what kind they are? EDIT: Looks like a Crosley Traveler...pretty hit or miss reviews, anyone know anything about them?
  10. Need some paypal money quick, so buy some records! All prices PPD. Make offers if you want more than one. Drag The River - You Can't Live This Way - Brown - $12 Flogging Molly - Swagger - 1st press/green/no gatefold - $17 (not sure if future presses were like this or not, but this one has Juan El Sentimental in Spanish in place of Sentimental Johnny) Joey Cape - Bridge - Chocolate Milk - $13 The Promise Ring - 30 Degrees Everywhere - some jacket discoloration, record plays great - $22 twothirtyeight - You Should Be Living - Choose your color! (black, white, or purple) - $12
  11. 1) Any idea when/where these will be sold? 2) Any chance cobraside will have these done/released BEFORE christmas?
  12. I'd totally purchase that if you (or anybody else) pressed it If I had the money, I don't care how small the press would have to be or how many I'd have left over, I would definitely press this.
  13. I went to their reunion show last month. It ruled. Wait...what?! If I'd known about this, and had some sort of income, I would have flown to Canada to see them. I went to see them in 2004, and found out mid-show they broke up a few days earlier. However, that was the same night I was exposed to The Snake The Cross The Crown, so it was still a good night.
  14. So the second (last) time I saw Criteria, Stephen was playing a Hiwatt head with an Orange cab. No idea about the first.
  15. Since TSTCTC has already been covered, I would go with Despistado - "The Emergency Response EP" and "The People of and Their Verses" and Criteria - "En Garde"
  16. Based on the pic on their Wikipedia page, the one in the picture looks like a Framus Dragon. I can go through some old pictures and see if I can't confirm that. They did have amazing sounds. Ever since En Garde came out and I could identify the guitar he used I've been trying to find a Travis Bean for a decent price. I think that's a long-term goal.

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