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  1. I ordered it but the track breakdown on the 4xLP is a bit silly. It was the price that dragged me in. They have their own 2xLP version /4000. I imagine the indie exclusive is more than that and big retailers have already sold out. They blew up very fast.
  2. Loved the first LP. New album is up for pre-order today. Rough Trade already sold out there indie version alotment but the band has that version and a few others: https://blackcountrynewroad.bandcamp.com/album/ants-from-up-there Also, repress of "For The First Time" is up as well.
  3. What label are they with currently? I wasn't in love with the last album but dig their body of work and will be in on a new album.
  4. I had a great day of Garage sales and flea markets. - Non Jazz: Scientists, Zombies, Damned, Ultravox, Lou Reed albums. - Jazz: (all mint vinyl, most covers still in shrink) Coltrane - Favorite Thing (1973) and Live at Village Vanguard (1980 MCA) Tyner - Enlightenment, Echoes, Expansions Lou Donaldson +3 (1970 pressing) Shorter - Speak No Evil - Mint DMM pressing Sun Ra - live at Montreaux Hubbard "breaking point" (1973 pressing) Horace Silver "doin the thing..." (1973) Jimmy Smith "The Cat" (huge soft spot for this record)
  5. Anyone catch that the version of Black Is... was an error and is pulled from TTL's site? Apparently they are sending new ones out but that Side B and Side D on that version were both actually Side B. I have it in the cue to spin and haven't gotten there so I hadn't discovered it myself yet.
  6. I'm not interested in this but End Hits has been a stellar company. They tend to do packages and individuals of releases. They also have a US distro deal with Deathwish - so if you are passing on this, I'd keep an eye out for Deathwish to have some in the states for domestic shipping.
  7. Some solid pick ups: Tyner "Sahara" Coleman "Twins" white label promo Yusef Lateef "Gentle Giant" WLP Alice Coletrane "Eternity" (still in the shrink) Donald Byrd "Street Lady" Coleman "Live at Prince Street" - been wanting this as his loft was a few blocks from my office. Jimmy Smith Groovin at Smalls.. A few others but pretty solid all around.
  8. Gang - The seller of those jazz records has some more and I'm getting a pick on Thursday. Not sure what value I'll maintain. If you have something in particular from 1970-1973 Bluenote/Impulse/Milestone - let me know and I'll look. I know it is picked over a bit but there is still solid stuff. I am promised a copy of Tyner's "Sahara" and Coleman's "Twins" for instance.
  9. I wish I could post a simple video of my flea market pull today. A few of note... Alice Coletrane with Strings Pharoah - Thembi Gary Bartz - Uhuru Ahmad Jama - Freeflight Donald Byrd - Black Byrd Coltrane - Transitions Lou Donaldson - Say it loud Dexter Gordon - One Flight Up Grabbed 16 lps with a few more coming my way from the seller - average price of $12 each. Vinyl is all VG+ or better, late 60s/early 70s pressings. A few covers had water damage etc - but at the pricing, I filled some major wants at a very fair price point. It's the reason I still hit flea markets.
  10. They are feeling the limits on pricing. I've enjoyed these 25th Anniversary releases and am in.
  11. Try again, it's still there. https://kingsroadmerch.com/epitaph-records/product/20128/ribbed-30th-anniversary-lp-redblack-splatter
  12. I made an impulse buy despite my original being in great shape. Might end up offering it here in the months to come.
  13. The Unbroken "Life Love Regret" represses are up. /300 each. I am assuming these will go since the 2014 represses are already hard to come by. https://www.indecisionrecords.com/products/646117-unbroken-life-love-regret I still have my New Age pressings of this and "Ritual" - other than Revelation, I don't think there was a label Ioved more circa 1993-1996.
  14. I saw Brooklyn Vegan has an /500 splatter. I've been passing on these since I have my originals. Glad to see they are getting back out there though.
  15. Whiffed on the last time they did a release. Figured these will go fast and got on board. Free shipping and 10% off didn't hurt either.
  16. Seriously. What complaints? I was surprised to see prices up. Then again, when there is a backlog on everything, manufacturing costs more, and releases are delayed - this is the obvious outcome.
  17. Also, Gray Matter is back in stock. Waiting for more Lungfish.
  18. Was this one posted? Have my original so I'm good. That Nation of is great if you don't have it. https://dischord.com/release/012/first-2-7-s
  19. Grabbed The Last Gang yesterday. Still looking for a copy of the Utters "Juvenile" 25th if anyone has one to sell/trade.
  20. I jumped on this from both places. I'll sort out which I keep later. I'm picturing demand being pretty high considering how long these have been OOP.
  21. Phoebe Bridgers "Punisher" http://download.deadoceans.com DOC2004ESSGKU
  22. Total Gem. Glad you dig it. I'm months away from getting in there as I'm still in the LPs. I'll be around a bit here so hit me up in the future.
  23. I didn't subscribe. I'm pretty done with any subscription that isn't Secretly Canadian or Third Man. Rough Trade customer service is actually very good. However, I've noticed they've been overselling their pre-order exclusives and cancelling orders more and more often - no explanation and I'm done with their exclusives if I can get them somewhere else. Want another indication of their direction? Has anyone visited their store in Rockefeller Center? I can't help but wonder what their long term plans are but that shop went from a great one in Brooklyn to a truly terrible one in Manhattan. It is simply awful. So who knows. They might be transitioning into a new model that is less serving to the vinyl obsessed and more to the casual or new collector.
  24. While most of my 7"s are from pre-2001, I do not. There are some peppered in from bands I continued to follow like Hot Water Music and some random stuff. But most of it is from my high school and college days. I have some heavy hitters in there that I won't part with - Early Revelation and NYHC was a passion of mine that I still spin regularly. I still haven't had time to start sorting through though. I have always prided myself on the notion that my records are not a museum piece - I play 100% of what I buy (though I impulse buy often and sell things a few months later). So, having a few solid boxes of 7"s that I'll never listen to again is counter-intuitive. Hopefully within the next six months I'll have it all sorted. And yes, Gray Matter is amazing. If you dig that record, check out the lp by Three (if you haven't already).

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