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  1. I just received the Pennywise - Full Circle I had ordered...and yep, it's a newer press. Well the sleeve at least. I would assume that it's not remastered or anything like that but the record / sleeve weigh ~50g more than the original.
  2. Thank you! Looks like they would have done new center labels (possibly). On the OG, side two. At the bottom the word Unlawful overlaps slightly the (BMI), but on your pic it doesn’t.
  3. Me again! I noticed that the labels weren't available on Discogs. Could you (when you have time) verify the one you received against these labels from the OG? Wondering if they maybe used a different Epitaph logo or text placement, etc.
  4. Hey, were you able to compare the matrix to the OG press? What about the cover or the center label - any small difference noticeable?
  5. Here's a list of records that I would like to own. Not looking for a specific color or pressing. Don't need to be in mint condition neither. Just looking for a copy to spin. If you have anything from below that you would want to sell or trade or know where I can find one, please PM me! (please don't point me to Discogs! ) Against All Authority - 24 Hour Roadside Resistance The Bennies - Party! Party! Party! Cancerslug - Seasons Of Sickness Common Rider - Last Wave Rockers Common Rider - This Is Unity Music Donots - Pocketrock High School Football Heroes - Close Only Counts In Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (Asbestos Records just pressed this one, but they only ship to the US). No Trigger - Canyoneer The Rebel Spell - Expression In Laymen's Terms Staring Back - Many Will Play Undeclinable Ambuscade ‎– One For The Money
  6. gutterpunk79

    LF : Rebel Spell - Expression In Laymen's Terms LP

    Hi. Actually I only discovered them a couple months ago. Not sure how I missed them! I've been listening to punk and sub genres for almost 25 years now! I bought their "Last Run" LP and since then I'be been listening to their entire discography. I see that their first release was made available on vinyl, so I really hope to find one eventually! And yes, through my research I learned about the tragic accident...
  7. Hi. The title says it all. I recently discovered this band and I'm now trying to find "Expression In Laymen's Terms" on vinyl.If you have one that you would want to sell or trade or know where I can find one, please PM me!Thanks!
  8. Good to know. I was actually about to email them again. Now hopefully Canada Post doesn't go on lockdown ...
  9. They replied to my emails saying that there was a delay with the signed black and white model. So this is the reason why I hadn't received all the other variants (all bought together). They aren't doing a great job at replying emails or notifying customers of the delay, but I'm sure there's no reason to be worried.
  10. I wonder if there will only be a colored reissue, or a black as well? Amazon has those listed. It's much cheaper for me to order from them, but I would really like a colored copy!
  11. I received my red / black swirl one, but not the initial 4 variants. Did anyone received theirs?