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  1. Sure did - not complaining, rather really stoked they changed it the way they did
  2. Anyone else notice they changed the ending to colossal wreck on the vinyl version to where it doesn’t flow into desperate pleasures like on the digital version?
  3. Refresh after refresh, it finally went through. What a shit show
  4. PM you in a bit Website not accepting payments. If I remember right, that label is kind of on its way out. Thanks though
  5. Looking for any SCAC vinyl. Desperately looking for the Munley and the Lee Lewis Harlots vinyl! I’ve had no luck finding either variant
  6. If anyone in the dfw/ frisco area is still looking for a green, ZT records got two in this morning
  7. Looking for Scandinavian Leather, Party Animals, and Retox. Hit me with a pm if willing to part!
  8. Love all three of the singles, but the closing track, "Better than get even," takes the cake. Pretty catch riff and holy hell, that outro is good. Reminds me a lot of the old cky.
  9. Could Anyone that is going to any of the future shows help me out and grab one of those camping mugs? Was going to go to the Austin show but ended up Not making the drive from Dallas.
  10. Gave in and bought a purple euro since I don't have the patience to wait for the correct LP lol. Had no idea the cover was embossed. Are Euro presses usually more top notch like this (serious question)?
  11. I can't stop listening to this. That closing track (Map change) is something I would have never expected from them and it's probably one of my favorites on this album. I was in a similar situation that Keith was in when in December, so the lyrics on this whole album really hit home.
  12. I've been doing this thing lately where I'll put some kind of memory (pictures of friends/family, concert ticket stubs, etc) that had happened around the same I bought the albums and put them in their sleeves. Whenever I pass, certain albums will be given to certain friends and when they play the record, I hope they find the little memories I put in there. Nothing like a nice surprise, eh?
  13. Can't attach the image because im on my phone, but when I looked at the ticket master website they were written as support. Also Etid shared an event page of them playing one of the bear tooth shows which I assume was posted early by mistake.
  14. I dug their first single when they first started out, but that's about it. I'm stoked that old wounds is touring with Etid on this though. They played a show here in ft worth that was unbelievable.
  15. Looks like the tour is Beartooth w/ Etid, fit for a king, and old wounds.
  16. Got mine in friday. I really dig how the fake ring wear lines up perfectly with the record.
  17. damn, Dave. That's a badass story! The first time I saw maylene was when they co-headlined the scream the prayer tour (back when Dallas decided to have a baby face for awhile haha). To sum it up, people were having a good ol hootenanny that night. Right after that set I went and saw lightning bolt play a killer set two blocks over.
  18. Oh right on! I just hope it happens. I am real curious on how this new one will sound compared to IV. That megadeaf tour they did a couple years back with He is Legend and Wilson was insane.
  19. yikes. On another note, what the hell happened with them recording "V," ? They were hyping it up in January and all of a sudden went silent. Edit: damn iPhone and autocorrect.

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