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  1. Hard to explain. I guess I found it a little boring; LP1 was a bit more dynamic and less - dare I say - jammy? It was a bit more in your face and had some hooks that really stood out. LP2 just kinda blurred together with the exception of The Plan, which gets stuck in my head for days.
  2. I was just listening to LP1 and remember how much I absolutely LOVE that record. Then I went back to LP2 remembered how much I wanted to love it and didn't. I don't think I came around to 3. Wonder why this is 5000 and not 4000?
  3. Just came here to check on this - no info anywhere yet. V excited for this.
  4. If there aren't any appealing swaps available, you'll be doing me a favor! If you don't get a sure-fire thing, hit me up in a couple weeks.
  5. You transitioned from Reis to Froberg without warning.
  6. Everyone is neglecting the catchy anthem rock greatness that is The Night Marchers, whom I would rank second to Hot Snakes.
  7. The record is in, and damn is it good. Like all good Hot Snakes, it makes me scowl and bob my head. Maybe shred some air guitar. The answers to life's biggest questions may even be hidden here. So glad they're back.
  8. Yep. I've listened through 3 or so times and there are some really outstanding tracks. Not sure if it's the compression on the files or Google Music, but the mix sounds a little off - drums seem really far back.
  9. Congrats man! Where's the house? I'm in the process too.
  10. It brought me out of VC retirement. I may not be the biggest Brand New fanboy, but I sure do know a good show when I see one!

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