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  1. jon

    How To Pack A Record

    Here's a 1 minute guide with video : http://PunkRecords.Org/jawhn.mp4
  2. jon

    RE: musicinveins11 = rip off artist

    She seems like a legit seller, I wonder how much she likes having her time wasted
  3. jon

    RE: musicinveins11 = rip off artist

    same dude: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=alextoonami fuck this guy.
  4. 30 years of collecting punk rock records and I'm ready to upgrade to MP3 and make space for new problems in my life. I'll put new punk, hardcore and garage rock related vinyl stuff up every week until I die so bookmark my store and score everything you ever wanted. http://stores.ebay.com/PUNK-R0CK-RECORDS
  5. jon

    ******** The EBAY Thread ********

    Newly Posted: LILLINGTONS - Lost My Marbles, BLUE color wax, signed /100 LILLINGTONS - Lilli High, CLEAR color wax OLD MAN MARKLEY - Blood On My Hands, STORE Edition red color wax FLATLINERS - Cynics, MAROON color wax LARRY ARMS - Buttsweat, GRAY color wax NOFX - X-Mas, RED/GREEN color wax NOFX - Orphan, BROWN color wax DILLINGER FOUR - Girlfriends, BLUE wax BORN AGAINST Eulogy 7" MINOR THREAT - Buff Hall 7" Here: http://stores.ebay.com/PUNK-R0CK-RECORDS Have the appropriate amount of fun!
  6. new-ish shelves and stuff.. yah I need some curtains still
  7. Moving is a drag.. And it turns out records don't make a great work desk.. Have some shit to do still but finally getting things together in new pad..
  8. Pretty sure this is the August 1980 Master Sound sessions, some of which (probably the 7 Vampira tracks you mentioned) were issued on the box set demos disc. I don't think these are quite as good of quality as the box set ones but still cool for a big fan probably
  9. I just made a Grave Mistake order the other day and dude sent a bunch of cool bonus stuff.. One was the CD collection he did of all these things I guess. Never heard em before, this band is rad! Anybody have any of these EPs for trade? By the way, so cool when labels send extra free shit like that and bonus when it's actually good!
  10. bet the vinyl doesn't have those extra chomsky tracks