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  1. Ohh this should be interesting. Saw they already started announcing 20th anniversary international dates. Assuming there will be US dates announced along side whatever this is.
  2. Was listening to a podcast interview of Chris and he mentioned there would be another anniversary press for Hello Rockview this year. Anthem went live on it's actual anniversary, but IWTOC didn't. Wonder if we won't see preorders for this until October since it originally came out October 6?
  3. I hope they're still doing the 25th series in a few years for LTJ's Borders album.
  4. Ordered this direct from Murder By Death and it arrived yesterday. Haven't had a chance to spin it yet though.
  5. 2xLP version of Silver Linings is available now, shipping next month. Includes two b-sides and 4 acoustic tracks, and looks like a screened or etched b-side for the 2nd disc. 13. No One To Judge Me 14. Empty Lines 15. Anytime and Anywhere (acoustic) 16. Dear Me (Acoustic) 17. The High Cost of Low Living (Acoustic) 18. Move (Acoustic) https://purenoise.merchnow.com/collections/featured/products/ltj0sldxbw-lp
  6. Only whale left for me is Less Than Jake's Smoke Spot Tour Edition.
  7. Went with the Zia version, that one looks great. Have the variants that have shown up already sounded good?
  8. I've seen multiple people receive that record instead of Losing Streak...wtf 🤣
  9. I mean, 2024 would be the 25th anniversary. They've already done a 25th anniversary version for Survival of the Fattest.
  10. Woah, just looked in to that. Had no idea he played on a Coheed album.
  11. I will forever kick myself for not dragging myself to one of their shows. Things never quite lined up to catch them, and I always put it off as there will always be another tour that hits Florida or wherever I happen to be. EDIT: In honor of this being my 666th post, I need to go watch Studio 666.

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