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  1. I'll say Anberlin's Lost Songs. I know it's a b-sides and random acoustic/demos comp, but I think it'd be a cool opportunity to do a 2xLP and update with more of the more recent b-sides. It didn't even get included with the boxsets.
  2. Took a long time to finally track down Anberlin's Stranger Ways 7" for a not too insane price. That finally arrived today, and completed my Anberlin collection. All variants, and all comps (only two that I know of). This also includes the RSD versions of Cities and NTFP (left) and the 2012 reissues (right), which are pretty much identical. The only difference being the RSD versions have a slightly creamy look to the covers, while the reissues are a more pure white. Also included is the vinyl/CD hybrid thing with the I'd Like to Die B-Side on it.
  3. Actually had someone buy a record via Buy It Now a couple months ago. I messaged them after the PayPal confirmation since it was late on a Friday to let them know it would go out on Monday, and they messaged back "Oh sorry, can you cancel it? My kid was playing with my phone." Pretty sure it was buyers remorse but still equally annoying.
  4. This is the issue I see as well. I'd say 2/3-3/4 of all my sales end up being international. On eBay I couldn't care less if it's international since I sell with the Global Shipping Program. I don't deal with it at all, just have to ship it to whatever processing location for eBay and still pack all the records super nice regardless of it being international or domestic. On Discogs, since there's nothing like that, I don't mind checking for quotes when someone asks, but I've rarely shipped to the same country twice, let alone with the same weight. A one size fits all cost is just a headache to refund after the fact, and hope that I put something high enough to cover any situation, which will likely dissuade buyers from purchasing to begin with. 🤷‍♂️ I'll probably just switch Discogs to domestic only and let Ebay handle anything international.
  5. Looks like an announcement regarding the new album coming 10/1. Maybe preorders finally?
  6. Posted this recently on instagram, so figured it would be a good time to post it here. Been a while since I've posted any LTJ update photos. Here is the LTJ/Kemuri split" part of the collection. 25 variants (including test press) so far. Still missing about 12 variants that I know of. Also, 500th post!
  7. At this point, it's the tour edition of Less Than Jake's Smoke Spot 7". I don't think I've ever seen it listed on discogs or eBay. On the plus side, I was recently able to add a couple of super hard to find LTJ records thankfully. Found a tour version of their Crash Course 7", and the 2x7" Kemuri split version. Was blown away they didn't cost me an arm and a leg, though not exactly cheap either haha.
  8. A tour for this would be very cool. Been listening to the comp and wow, didn't know a lot of these bands at all until now.
  9. Not too surprised by this. Seems like everything is getting delayed lately. Finally downloaded the audio from the Blue Prints stream though and it sounded pretty good. The email had gone to junk, and the download link is different from the one in the original order email.
  10. Quick bump, would love to sell these by the weekend.
  11. Yea, I will always catch them live, but his vocals live are always so hit or miss.
  12. Have a few Fat Store Editions to let go. I'll knock off $5 per additional record if you want more than one of these. Teenage Bottlerocket vs Human Robots 7" - $45 shipped Bracket - Too Old to Die Young - $50 shipped Good Riddance - Thoughts and Prayers - Gold with Blue Splatter - Fat Store Edition but does not have the usual Fat Store labels. - $75 shipped Joey Cape - Let Me Know... Euro Fat Store Edition - Red - $75 shipped
  13. Was still asleep when the original 1000 went up yesterday, but thankfully was able to get one this morning.
  14. Swirl vinyl is unlocked now, and about $3.5K from the glow in the dark option. Ends tonight.