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  1. Like an extra 7" ? That would be a bit surprising. Can't even imagine what it would have if it's going to relate to Anthem/B-Sides. Maybe an acoustic 7" with the couple songs they released prior to the original B Is for B-Sides album release. I think it was Sleep It Off and Portrait of a Cigarette Smoker.
  2. I bought mine 7 hours after the link was posted in this thread.
  3. Saw B-Sides pop up last night. Figured Anthem would go up once the UK listings went live.
  4. US Smartpunk Webstore has a new variant for both albums as well on half colors. B-Sides /1000 https://smartpunkshop.com/collections/smartpunk-exclusives/products/less-than-jake-b-is-for-b-sides?variant=31870552703019 Anthem /1200 https://smartpunkshop.com/collections/smartpunk-exclusives/products/less-than-jake-anthem
  5. What's funny is I grew up in Atlanta, but the band didn't form until the year I moved to Florida. Was hoping I would finally make it up to annual Stuffing show this year, but judging by how things are going I don't feel like that's happening this year.
  6. Excited to grab this! I've somehow slept on most of the RAGC drops. Saw Manchester on the METN Anniversary tour and they were phenomenal. First time finally getting to see them.
  7. Orders of 2 don't really bug me for that reason. It's orders with 3 or more that I would hope are cancelled since the limit wasn't placed until after the fact.
  8. I kinda hope so haha. I had the record in my cart and it sold out while checking out =/
  9. The listing Smartpunk has for B-Sides (still not sold out in the US) has updated press numbers as well for the original press, and mentions two more variants for a second press. I'm guessing Anthem's numbers are the same or larger since that one is totally sold out, and will probably have similar style variants for a 2nd press.
  10. If you didn't order before the original date, looks like Vinyl will remain available to order through the new date now.