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  1. On the plus side, from what I heard, the label actually has those in hand since the album was originally supposed to come out much earlier in the year 😂
  2. If anyone ordered the "transparent orange" through online retailers, SP recently added an image of the mockup to their website. It also mentions it's the 3rd press, standard jacket and calls the image "forever". Sounds like it'll be an unlimited press and won't be the gatefold version. Also would assume no matches for this version.
  3. I was talking to Jordan at the end of last week, and he mentioned the last variant they were waiting on was supposed to arrive today. Anything that wasn't a bundle/that variant started shipping last week. But since the bundles have the variant, they're still held up.
  4. Very cool to see that the US ones were gatefold in the end. Roger teased an image from photoshop back March or April and it showed that Anthem was going to be gatefold. Was hoping at the time for a 2xLP haha. Nice touch with the matches.
  5. Backwards Blueprints was the first stream, that's the pressing that is on the way to them, NTFP are the test presses they're waiting on.
  6. Are these 100 (and the other alternate cover) included in the original press numbers? Or are these an additional 100 of those particular variants?
  7. New Noise is gonna have LTJ for the December issue. The flexi includes the song "No One to Judge Me", a b-side from Silver Linings. https://newnoisemagazine.com/store/product/print-magazine/issue-55-cover-ft-less-jake/
  8. Most recent Smartpunk email (from yesterday) says they're getting the rest of the Anthem/B-Sides sometime next week and will start shipping asap. So looks like everyone should start getting their bundles some time around Thanksgiving? Or any record that wasn't the UK versions, or yellow/black splatter B-Sides.
  9. I wonder if the album was supposed to originally be released in November and it was postponed? Less Than Jake's new record changed release dates a few times before they finally announced the December date.
  10. I missed the initial sale on TRL, so I ended up ordering from the Bullmoose link. Hoping it'll not get cancelled. Does that mean Bullmoose doesn't cap their orders anymore? Not sure how recent that fine print was added, but I feel like I've seen them stop taking preorders on other limited things before.
  11. I wish they'd give us direct updates too. They've mentioned it a few times in their normal email subscriptions, but I think they've only mentioned it to people that ordered once via direct email. There was an email yesterday or the day before and it basically said hey, the record plants are shipping one variant at a time, so we won't have everything for a bit still.
  12. Mine arrived fine, but had the same exact thought when I saw the package. Quite possibly the thinnest cardboard I've ever seen used to ship a record.
  13. Yea, the most recent Bad Books 1 Reissue had an exclusive Patreon version split between both pages, and then a broader press available to the public. In the past it was just first dibs on the Manchester/Andy Hull/RAGC releases. And I think KD currently (or had) a Daytrotter vinyl, but not sure if it was limited to the Patreon, or first dibs.
  14. Saturday night bump! Happy to take offers, hit me up. Will drop anything off on Monday.

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