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  1. SmartPunk has these available through their website: https://smartpunkshop.com/collections/smartpunk-exclusives/products/rehasher-eat-the-one-percent-every-little-war?variant=17042150293547 They had them at Fest as well as some test presses so I picked up both from their booth. Was kind of a brownish yellowish color when I got it from the booth, I assume these are the same.
  2. Seconded. I usually end up going to to 1-2-3-4-Go in Oakland just because it's more convenient location wise for me. Also in Oakland, Park Boulevard Records and Tapes. It's a really small shop, only open Thursday to Sunday and they specialize in Hip Hop and R&B. Dope little shop. Not really what I'm in to but it's walking distance from me when I'm in Oakland so I'll occasionally check it out anyway. EDIT: Well shit. Went to go add their website only to find out they closed this past week. =/ Didn't see it when I searched, but Purchase Street Records in New Bedford, MA was awesome. Discovered it while on tour earlier this year. Ton of used punk, metal and indie stuff. Seems to lean more towards rarer items. Picked up a copy of Less Than Jake's In With the Out Crowd on vinyl from these guys. Would definitely go back here if ever in the area.
  3. Checked them out on a random whim and fell in love with the album. It's been on repeat for me since it came out.
  4. EDIT: And it's already sold out apparently. No Idea pressed a new variant of the Goodbye Blue and White record with the remaining 173 jacket covers from the original press. Hand numbered this time around with some variety in the blue marbling. $20 a pop. https://store.noidearecords.com/collections/new-on-no-idea/products/less-than-jake-goodbye-blue-white-limited-edition Still waiting for the band to finally announce an Anthem reissue and B-Sides press. Haven't heard a peep about it since December. Maybe issues with licensing from Sire? Those two were never reissued with updated art like everything prior either.
  5. Dope, sounds like a trek out to Brooklyn is in order then. I've actually been following Limited to One since they opened. Gonna check that out afterwards for any cool stuff they put out. Been actually actively trying to convince them to sell a couple of things haha. I asked them about it and they won't be carrying actual RSD stuff.
  6. Similar to the dude going to LA, I'm going to happen to be in NYC for RSD this year. Best bet for a shop to check out to try and snag a couple things? Ideally in Manhattan, not Brooklyn as I'll be spending my time there this time.
  7. Don't have any Master's of the Universe stuff but I have some extra P+P/MVSR figures if you're interested in any of the extra stuff Vinnie puts out.
  8. This sounds so cool. Pledged for the fancy vinyl already. I just wish I was available to go to the cave shows. I'll be out of town all that month and get back a week after they happen =/
  9. @ltjvinylography I run one for Less Than Jake records, including the various side projects for current band members. My personal collection accounts for probably 2/3 of the posts, with the rest being contributed by other fans' collections.
  10. Last one that actually sold on eBay was for $31. Few weeks back. Same deal for Discogs, the highest it's ever sold on Discogs is $45.
  11. When was it $60? Was $30 with free shipping and the slipmat when I bought it, and even then I was annoyed I was buying another clear copy haha.
  12. Pure Noise had 50 up on their site a week or two back but it’s sold out online. Tour only now for the remaining 100. And then probably in the LTJ webstore after tour if they still have them. Yea, basically. $30 for a folded cover. I still got it. At this point I probably have 2-3 copies of each record variant. #sigh
  13. If you didn't get it from pure noise's limited merch site, LTJ will have the new alt cover for Sound the Alarm with them on the upcoming Face to Face tour. 100 copies on tour. Clear record variant.