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  1. FS: The Early November - Imbue (Transparent Red) Motion City Soundtrack - Go The Starting Line - Direction (Yellow) This Time Next Year - S/T (Tour Press, Hand numbered 70/250) Yellowcard - The Underdog EP
  2. Are you specifically looking for red? I have a coke bottle one i wouldn't mind selling
  3. link... i can't find shit on this site anymore.
  4. Does anyone have any good suggestions on a way to fix warped records? I've read somethings online about glass and using an oven but that seems insane to me. What's everyone's opinion on here what to do with a warped record?
  5. 1st pressing. Black 2XLP /500 (Hot Topic) gatefold.
  6. Hey i have a sealed copy of the tour pressing (Green). It's gatefold and i believe 1/500. 34PPD
  7. okay thanks. That helps a bit. if anyone has an exact number let me know. I just like my collection to have all the information available.
  8. I have this record on green. I looked up everything i could find for pressing numbers of this color and the only thing i got was that it was a tour exclusive. anybody know how many they pressed?
  9. anybody consider this guy just really has a shitty post office staff and is not trying to scam anybody? My mailman leaves my packages on my neighbors porch all the time even though i have told them 100 times I'm 222A and she is 222B. Sometimes though people just suck.
  10. If you pay for shipping through ebay you get free tracking and it's 30% cheaper then the post office.
  11. hey these are some digital copies of movies i have lieing around. 5$ for any of them or if you have some digital copies of movies you might not want we can maybe work out a trade. ill update this as i get any more. Django Unchained (Itunes) Killing Them Softly (iTunes) Wreck it Ralph (iTunes, but it's a disc i would have to mail to you so add 2$) Rise of the guardians (iTunes one and ultraviolet one) Anna Keraninna (Itunes) Taken 2 (Ultraviolet) shoot me a pm if interested.
  12. These are the digital downloads for movies i own. I'd sell any of these for 5$ or trade for another movie. Anna Kerinna (Itunes) Taken 2 (Ultraviolet)
  13. it was pretty bad yea. haha. i liked the first one alot. this one not so much.
  14. I have an extra. I'll sell it for 5$ or trade for another digital download. Anybody got anything interesting?
  15. Have at it http://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-sony-music-vinyl-box-set?p=4&utm_source=channel_goods-deals&utm_medium=email&sid=bb8b073d-52c3-4432-a220-1029753bebee&division=philadelphia&user=5c2d9bb6a6c5e57bab49e65494cc2aca754af3de6bfe221aa279efaf090dc8d4&date=20130119&s=body&c=deal_img&d=deal-page

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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