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  1. Hell yeah Stinkweeds! My favorite local; the people that run that place are amazing humans
  2. I bought Cake- Fashion Nugget and Coheed- SSTB from them. Cake turned out pretty damn good. Coheed was good except for an audio skip on a track. Like they sourced the song from a scratched CD, not a physical defect on the record. Also, I do not believe that they are the ones manufacturing these. So as far as quality goes it seems to differ from release to release.
  3. Bump, looking for Piebald as well 🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️
  4. Friday bump. While they may have been born to quit, I refuse to do so
  5. Looking for a good play copy of Born to Quit at a reasonable price. Straight up black would suffice, not picky on variants. I do PayPal and will cover fees. Holler atcha boy!
  6. Readily available on the secondhand market for stupid ass prices. If you click that link, the "cheapest" one on Discogs is $100. Or a sealed copy on eBay for $120..oh joy!
  7. Seriously! More like Billy "No" Armstrong, amirite??? Nimrod has some bangers, but Insomniac is their last 'front-to-back-awesome' album, imo. 'Warning' hit me hard when it came out, but has faded in rotation for me over the years; still a great part of their canon. I gave up when 'American Idiot' came out 🤷‍♂️
  8. Absolutely one of my favs! That band was so damn good. If the put out a copy of 'These Liquid Lungs' with the 'Allegory of Death and Fame EP' put on there, I would be the happiest guy
  9. Not gonna hold my breath, but maybe some Slowreader?? Cadillac Blindside would be awesome as well
  10. Title says it. Really just looking for an affordable play copy, preferably black. Will cover PayPal fees. Holler.
  11. Damn I cant believe these go for this much now...I still want the goddamn box set!
  12. Gah same. Just got home and saw this aaaand 🤷‍♂️. The hobby!!
  13. Whoa, just checked my email and same. Pleasantly surprised considering I ordered on a Friday night.
  14. Wow, so there's 18 copies, active, on ebay and another 8 have already sold on there. Why do people suck so goddamn much?
  15. I am in the same boat, as well. It was their first 4 that were absolutely perfect to me. I've enjoyed a few songs here and there since then, but their newer albums as a whole do not hit me the same as they once did in their early years.
  16. I really hope someone doesn't drop that kind of money on that. To each their own but, woof, fairly outrageous.
  17. Yup, some schmuck already has the 'MITM' variant listed for $250. Cuz why not??
  18. Awesome album, but this may be a hard one to track down. The only pressing exists from the box set put out in 2014, so you'd have to find someone willing to break up the set. Not impossible, but will be a toughie!
  19. Yikes, people really shouldn't be paying secondhand when this is in stock, new on clear green vinyl, at Victory right meow: https://victoryrecords.com/products/hawthorne-heights-if-only-you-were-lonely-green-vinyl/

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