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  1. Hadn't seen any mention of this...First album since 2017's "There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light". 180g Green vinyl https://magnoliarecord.store/products/capelton-hill-green 180g Gold https://shop.lastgang.com/products/stars-from-capelton-hill-pre-order 180g Black https://thecbpshop.com/collections/stars/products/from-capelton-hill-12-vinyl-black
  2. New song is faaantastic. Can't believe it's been so long since their last album. Cover art is funky, but has the cover art ever really been THAT great for BTS albums?
  3. Agreed. I have a copy from about the same time that sounds pretty good, but quality control is not really a big thing for unofficial pressings, I would imagine. Only Kanye boot that I have that sounds pretty bad is my copy of Yeezus
  4. Completely agree with this sentiment. I've definitely listened to all of them, but 'Mama, I'm Swollen' was the last one I really dug. Glad that they are still active and putting stuff out, but it's just not doing it for me much anymore 🤷‍♂️
  5. Hes doing a solo gig at the less popular 'While You're Still Young' fest
  6. Fair enough! Saw the last few sales on discogs for the US version was in the 75-120 range 🤷‍♂️. I see now, too, that the EU copies go for 😳 a lot more than I thought! I'm pretty open to negotiation with anybody. Sorry to hear about your cats...I'm proud cat dad myself and can't imagine where I'd be without my boy. This album definitely soothes the soul. Updated the op to trades and willing to negotiate..thanks!
  7. Looking to trade or buy. Probably going for US press due to cost, but just want this album so I am open. Lemme know....
  8. Nitro must've missed that memo. Pretty sure there's like 20+ different pressings of 'The Art of Drowning' lol.
  9. Damn..need to check this thread more. Need any and all Dillinger Four, especially Civil War
  10. Ended up with one of these from Port of Sound records as well
  11. Very possible. He probably gets a bit more exposure having Polyvinyl handle things now. There were copies of the blue 2nd press he did sitting in the Earth Analog store for quite a while.
  12. Absolutely surprised they haven't. They were featured on the podcast and they are one of the finest bands to grace that label.
  13. Thanks! Went ahead and ordered as I waited a bit too long on other retailers.
  14. Nice. Didn't know there was much of a demand for this with the Big School press still available, but always great for more of their stuff to be out there.
  15. Also just realized Travis started this thread. Those were the days, mah dudes and dudettes!!
  16. They were...pretty bad. Idk if it was the master or the 'recycled marble' variant or what, but the og, which I tracked down later, sounds leaps and bounds better. I have since sold it to an old local member of the board, so am happy for another offering.
  17. I went to high school with the girl in the video for 'Stateside' off that album!
  18. New Vagrant 25 Year podcast out covering the history of HRC and Hey Mercedes 👍👍
  19. Got this yesterday from the second round 😍😍 love it. Bad Astronaut is Joey Cape at his finest
  20. This podcast is so goood. Love that Koufax was one of the bands covered so early in the series, definitely an underrated part of Vagrant's catalog. Can't wait to see what else they have in store!
  21. The "recycled color" variant will forever make me think of Magic Bullet.

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