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  1. I know He Is Legend aren’t even playing this year, but if Suck Out The Poison gets released for this I’m gonna need a vinyl buddy to grab me that. 🤞🏻
  2. I really wish they would release some all acoustic albums on vinyl. Like all the acoustic versions they did of songs from the last two albums.
  3. I kind of wish they would do something new/unique now with all the represses they’ve done of all the albums.
  4. Got one through preorder. Easily the best variant I got. The zine is pretty thick. Totally worth it in my opinion.
  5. I wish the /350 color didn’t suck. That peach is looking mighty fine. I’ve got all the OG variants, but I think that peach is the prettiest, after the clear red or gold.
  6. Y’all act like you’ve never used drugs and done some stuff you regret when you sober up. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. So… is this vinyl gonna drop in price yet or what?
  7. So much grammar abuse. The kid needed to quit 2 pages ago. You don’t go into a strangers house and immediately take a shit.
  8. Does anyone have a reasonably priced color variant of Silence of The Lambs they are willing to part with? Not sure why I didn't buy it when it went up.
  9. Damn. Seems like that international indie variant is gonna be the most expensive one to get. $47 before shipping. 😔
  10. I thought it was 75k, but still an absurd amount.
  11. If it makes you feel good Tug, I ordered the vinyl without hearing any of the new songs. I didn’t like the last few singles before this album and I’m not going to listen to any of the songs from this albums era until the album comes out. I took a blind chance and I’m hoping the album is better than I expect it to be.
  12. Why were they arrested? Yeah it was an amazing show. I feel like Till has some experience doing vaudeville or some sort of mime school. Very entertaining. Yeah maybe the lyrics translated are a little whatever but you can’t deny the mood that the songs create.
  13. I mean, I had fun getting covered in foam and dried off with heat from flamethrowers. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  14. At least yours has white. Mine is straight up solid blue. On another note, I did get a separate record mailer with a small stack of corrected lyric sheets. (One for each variant I ordered through the Thrice store) Also, If anyone missed out on the black alliance exclusive variant and wants one, let me know. Apparently I ordered an extra by mistake.
  15. Maybe I’m in the minority but I thought their last two albums were great.
  16. Available in black and white variants. White is exclusive to their store. Get it now for the low price of $67 for a 2xLP (plus $27.50 shipping to the US) 🥳 https://www.rammsteinshop.us/en/catalog/visuals-sounds/vinyl.html
  17. Yeah kind of a bummer. I was trying to listen while making breakfast and it was not was I was in the mood for. 😂 side B is MO.
  18. So… has anyone listened to their copy? Everything good? Got my B&N pink variant and it’s actually Denzel Curry. 😐
  19. Nice. Bummed I missed it. Maybe I can sell/trade my white one to get this one. The colors match the artwork so well.

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