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  1. No, just the orchestral album. also, I wrote them and asked about the high shipping cost. They fixed it and media mail is now an option.
  2. Limited to 450 on orange vinyl. for some reason shipping is $14. So... https://www.caveandcanarygoods.com/collections/the-dear-hunter/products/copy-of-all-is-as-all-should-be-standard-vinyl
  3. I miss having friends that have a Disney pass. I paid for the top pass all year (expires next month) and I’ve only been 3 times. 😂
  4. I just posted a video of it on my Instagram. @AndrewSeanLucas don’t pay attention to the turntable. It was a shitty free one we got from hulu. It was just easier to throw it on there real quick to check this thing out. it’s stupid they did a whole new pressing just for this. 😂
  5. It’s all good. We’re divorced now and I don’t talk to that dude anymore either. I just have the black sleeve for deja. I don’t remember what number it is. I think it’s a little warped from being in my car for way too long but I’ll throw it on a record jacket and flatten it out. I’ll send pics after the holidays once I’m home. You can have it for free if you pay for shipping or pick it up. I currently live in corona.
  6. I have an extra that I bought for a friend who ended up trying to (or possibly succeeded at?) fucking my ex wife. Haha. Fun. So.... I never gave it to him. It’s available for you to own. 😂
  7. Gonna throw myself under the bus (like I always seem to do) and say that I agree with swiftcat to an extent. The girl/girls made the decision to talk to him and send nudes and shit. It was a conscious decision and then later they decided to make it into them being a victim. Yeah they were 15/16 or whatever “supposedly” but in a lot of other countries you’re considered old enough to know right from wrong and be held accountable for your own actions. I honestly don’t think that girl was traumatized by anything. I remember thinking she sounded like she was exaggerating when I read her statement a few years ago. She wanted attention. I’m not saying she wasn’t possibly legit bothered by it now that she’s an adult, I just think she blew it up into a bigger thing than it needed to be. We all know people are fucking crazy sometimes and just want attention. Just my thoughts on it. Not facts. Now.... start making leaps and attacking me for everything I said. Go! 😂
  8. Amazon says they have an exclusive version but it doesn’t say anything else.
  9. I actually like the splatter on my black. It looks better in person but I have a photo on my Instagram and the Bert and Ernie Instagram. @AndrewSeanLucas @TheSoundofBertandErnie
  10. I know. I’m aware of that thread. I’m just not a fan of group threads since a lot of people (myself included) tend to miss things in them.
  11. Resident Evil 0 on Yellow vinyl. Code Veronica on Green vinyl. https://www.lacedrecords.com/collections/all 21 ridiculous dollars for shipping to California...
  12. Yeah it was kinda meh. I liked maybe 2-3 songs on it. Haven’t given it another listen since the first time though. I didn’t see a post for the pre order of that album but I didn’t feel like making one. Haha.
  13. Hung at Heart on pink vinyl limited to 350 https://www.amoeba.com/hung-at-heart-amoeba-exclusive-pink-vinyl-lp-the-growlers/albums/4193074/ Gilded Pleasures on gold vinyl limited to 250 https://www.amoeba.com/gilded-pleasures-amoeba-exclusive-gold-vinyl-lp-the-growlers/albums/4193076/ Release date is February 2020.