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  1. They said to send it back for a replacement. I opened it to make sure it wasn’t just some mistake with the sticker and they said they “understand some will be sent back to them opened”. So I assume multiple people have asked for replacements.
  2. I ordered the blue/pink LD exclusive and got the Spotify gold in the mail. Seems like this same thing happened to multiple people on Reddit as well.
  3. No, I get the 93 thing. It’s just that they said it was /500, not 493. 493 is just kind of dumb.
  4. The gold version is much better quality. Not sure why the number isn’t out of 500. Also glad they shipped the box sets with actual protection. The first box set I ordered was sent loose in a box that allowed over 1” of space for the record to bounce around. The corners were creased. This shipment arrived safe.
  5. It was sold out an hour ago but more are up now it seems. 3 variants. https://ffm.to/SE10
  6. Pink, purple, and orange. https://ilovemetricstore.com/collections/music
  7. “While the Gold Vinyl and the Hardcover Books have arrived at our facility there has been a delay in the custom Heavy Duty Slipcase. It looks great, but is not up to the standards of the band. The manufacturer is expediting new ones and we expect a four-week turnaround. We will let you know when completed boxes arrive at our warehouse.”
  8. I got an email earlier this week saying the slipcases came in but the band wasn’t happy with the quality so they put a rush order to remake them. which makes me think that if enough people complain to the band about the black/white slipcases, the band might be inclined to fix the poor quality or maybe even put up an option to purchase a hard slipcase.
  9. I have a few of their releases (Metric, Thrice, Alt-J) and I thought they were great quality. The booklets that come with them are solid. Bummer.
  10. A little pricey at $30 each and $10 shipping. https://usa.avatarmetal.com/collections/going-hunting
  11. Wow. That’s ridiculous. That’s some weird greed/marketing mixture. It’s too much now.
  12. Wait, so there are entire pressings with different bonus tracks?
  13. I think the Eilish one looks cool and I’m tempted, but $45 may be a bit high just for a GID cover.
  14. Now the 3rd variant is up. I liked the blue/pink one but I missed it.
  15. Or now with Patreon password still waiting for those other variants.
  16. Only available at HMV and Amazon UK at the moment. $42 shipped through Amazon to US. https://hmv.com/Store/Music/Vinyl/No-Mythologies-to-Follow
  17. Junkies was definitely released first. That was the only one I missed and had to pay $150 for it. I got the spray painted one.
  18. They did The Alternative a few weeks after the black and the price was about the same for both. Not sure why they doubled it for the pink. I had to get it though since I’ve been advocating for this on pink since the album came out.
  19. Low low price of just $60! Black $30. https://iamxmusic.com/products/colored-vinyl-kiss-swallow?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=campaign&utm_campaign=Kiss %2B Swallow pink vinyl&_kx=JvouVbTXKoy6t8BpU-ovgodm-O8tBQ-aHhkPOgKMBhJf7m0Uq_pzcWcDB3lOwWiC.S2b394
  20. What do you want for the picks?

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