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  1. Amenra posted a photo in their Instagram story yesterday. New artwork with new vinyl
  2. Sorry my bad. i noticed this error in the Mass II LP mentioned on the site, not the Mass IIII.
  3. The Mass IIII Silver 2020 press is clear silver. The picture of the product isnt the clear silver one
  4. please note; the photos on the product page do not correspond with the items from the dropdown list.
  5. anybody seen the White (US Indie Retail Exclusive) /3 version for sale somewhere yet?
  6. Evil greed is up now. it's the same as the revolver one. https://evilgreed.net/collections/amenra/products/amenra-de-doorn-2xlp
  7. Decibel too: https://store.decibelmagazine.com/collections/vinyl/products/amenra-de-doorn
  8. revolver preorder is online now https://shop.revolvermag.com/products/amenra-de-doorn-limited-edition-gold-translucent-2lp-only-200-made
  9. Live I and Mass VI came available on 2 new colors too; https://store.consouling.be/collections/amenra?sort_by=created-descending
  10. apparently i was the only one who ordered without any troubles then? anybody knows when the Evil greed/Revolver and Decibel are going live?
  11. and new live shows (netherlands) referring to the video were anounced a few minutes ago