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  1. There were 2 colors (black & white) both limited to 20 each. So 40 total were made
  2. Taking offers! It is the white tape limited to only 20 but hand numbered 22/40. Hand made sleeve. Pm me offers. Can send pics as well. Thanks *SOLD*
  3. First full play through and I absolutely love it! I really dig the more mellow tone of this album. A couple standout tracks of mine were "shiver" and "left behind". Can't wait for the record to come in soon
  4. If anyone could pick up an extra tour copy for me, I'd appreciate it! Bummed they aren't playing here.
  5. Nice! Gordon is the man. My gf has some work done by him.
  6. The new episode had me like, "MORE HOT GLAZE SON!"
  7. Dang what an update! Looks good on mobile too. But I had to change to the blue theme because that green was horrible.
  8. Love this! I wish he would come out to Portland one day. He's one of my favorite tattoo artists.
  9. That's how I ended up with the clear 7" from Photobooth. Just my luck with this band I guess.
  10. I kept refreshing and ended up getting a pink copy just now!