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  1. Only going to be 500. Might/should go quick.

    Good thing Amazon has it up for pre-order.

    Do you know if there is any precedence with HH releases where Amazon is promised a certain amount of copies? Otherwise there is no sense for HH to wholesale it to anyone when they can sell all 500 in less than a day themselves.

    I interpreted the amazon pre-order to be a black hole of nothing like many amazon POs have been.

  2. The reason this would never work the same way in general is that if you do this with the record it is still the same record every time. Now granted...there are variant collectors and the like, but I have been a collector of both cards and records/music and the difference of course is that if you opened a pack of cards you may not get the jersey card but if not you still get random cards of random players and still could get something nice etc.. If it was like an album and you opened a pack of cards but if you didn't get the "special 1/1 variant or insert" you just got the same Tom Brady card in every pack, no one would have taken the gamble.

    The only real way the records would have the same sense of collectibility would not just be special chase items or variants but if you also had like a "set" to complete of the underlying record as well. Like an example would be if a band issued 50 different 7"s with a different song on each one, and also the possibilty for chase items, so that if you didn't get the big payoff, you still don't know what song you are going to get and can still collect those.

  3. Weakling - Dead as Dreams

    The greatest black metal album of all time.

    But it isn't new.

    Not sure what "style" you like best....

    You mentioned Wolves in the Throne Room, so if you are looking for more of that "cascadian BM" style... check out Skagos, Leech (did a split with Thou), Deafheaven, Fen or Woods of Desolation (both from the UK) are excellent as well.

    Another band that isn't really that same style but is similar with a lot of melodic stuff/acoustic riffs would be Frostmoon Eclipse from Italy (start with "the Legacy" as it is like a greatest hits of sorts).

    I also recommend Castevet and Hiems for some more out of the box stuff.

    For more traditional BM style that may be new to you would be maybe like Behexen, Arckanum, or Necronoclast (all have released stuff on Moribund in the last couple years).

  4. Did anyone else order something or multiple things in the same order with the deluxe that shipped separately?

    I got a shipment in with everything else I ordered at the same time, and I know DW doesn't normally do that. Mainly, I am concerned my order shouldn't have shipped and is marked as fulfilled and my deluxe won't ship.

    Did anyone else have this happen? Maybe they want to ship the deluxes by themself because of how they fit into a box?

  5. More details on stuff: 

    Pearl Jam - Immortality/Rearviewmirror

    "Immortality" originally appeared on Pearl Jam's 1994 full length Vitalogy. The B Side of this 7" is a cover of the Frogs' "Rearviewmirror."   


    Anyone that cares would already know this, but this is misleading. Must be a typo. Side B is the Frogs covering PJ's RVM, not the other way around.

  6. So can anyone find any evidence of ANYONE that has gotten this so far?

    Between here and deathtalk I dont see anyone that has.

    Pure speculation here...but maybe they weren't actually ready to be inserted into orders at the time Jake posted it and we all rushed over to place an order?

    Its not like the OP ever said WHEN they would be inserted into orders....

    I can't complain about not receiving something personally that was said to be random...thats luck of the draw....but if the whole population that went over and rushed to place an order didn't get one....that would be pretty weak.


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