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  1. I'm sure more variants are gonna pop up but I had to jump on it. Love the artwork.
  2. Glad I got the green, its definitely my favorite. Also as something who didn't really give either EP any time when they released separately these songs are really growing on me.
  3. I don't particularly care about this anymore and am hopeful for a new record instead of room noise or branded jewelry.
  4. https://bandboxrocks.com/products/commit-this-to-memory-motion-city-soundtrack Blue/pink vinyl with alternative artwork and a zine. 20 bucks shipped with code FIDDY
  5. Didn't care for the first single but this one's pretty good
  6. Any Som fans? They found some copies of their first album and put them on bandcamp https://somtheband.bandcamp.com/album/the-fall
  7. Price tag was bonkers here too. It's really the only thing I wanted and I had store credit 🤷🏻 packaging is great and it's a pretty record.
  8. Both great looking variants pressed in a very stupid manner
  9. I double dipped and grabbed the Still Searching exclusive at zia yesterday and pictures don't do it justice. Looks awesome.
  10. https://www.chainsmokingrecords.com/product/harley-poe-satan-sex-no-regrets-vinyl/28?cs=true&cst=custom
  11. They're dropping a new song tomorrow with the guy from Killswitch Engage.
  12. So I got my shipping confirmation and it looks like even though I know I ordered the oxblood it says coke bottle. Lovely.
  13. New album "Untitled" out 4/21/2023 via Big Noise 01. Fuck You 02. Okay Then Alright 03. R.I.P. (feat. Machine Gun Kelly) 04. Love of The Greed (feat. Gerard Way) 05. Leave Me Love Me 06. Lights In The Sky That Will Never Go Out 07. Interlude 08. Color Me Black (feat. Machine Gun Kelly) 09. The Sun or The Stars 10. Fuck You 2 11. Where Do We Belong (feat. Blackbear) 12. No Where 13. I Lied 14. Bye Transparent white with grey haze on Amazon

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