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  1. Insanity but if I see that zia exclusive in store I'll probably get it 🤷
  2. As much as I absolutely love this project I'm not giving into this silly sillyness. I'll gladly drop 40 on a double lp though 🤷
  3. New pressing! Act quick! https://www.walmart.com/ip/Creed-Greatest-Hits-2LP-Walmart-Exclusive-Vinyl-Exclusive/1499084135
  4. Black/green galaxy- https://themenzingers.com/collections/vinyl/products/tmz0otipgb-lp Blue galaxy- https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/the-menzingers-on-the-impossible-past-anniversary-edition-limited-2xlp?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=000&searchparams=q%3Dmenzingers&type=REGULAR&size=ONE SIZE&quantity=1 The other one will be an indie store exclusive
  5. Saw Grivo when they were here with Slow Crush and they were awesome
  6. More senses fail. Guessing standard retail variants given they're all on amazon. Follow your bliss (???) https://a.co/d/6F8Uvme Still Searching (magenta) https://a.co/d/7O9PDHY The fire (transparent orange and ???) https://a.co/d/7l1B0va
  7. The vinyl doesn't come out until November unfortunately. But yeah this is a really, really good record. Jealous of everyone that gets to see them with Grivo and Som.
  8. https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/senses_fail-the_fire_exclusive_lp?variant=41833856499892 https://www.newburycomics.com/products/senses_fail-follow_your_bliss_the_best_of_senses_fail_exclusive_2lp?recommendify_click=similar&variant=41834197647540
  9. Anyone got a screenshot of the patreon exclusive? I'm curious
  10. Didn't want to sleep on this but I'm slightly uncomfortable about there not being any estimated release date.
  11. Looks like Newbury has removed anything saying it's a 10" and zia is saying it's the deluxe edition with bonus tracks 🤷
  12. I'm about to hit up the bathroom and do a proper splatter. In all seriousness though this is definitely Christmas morning for a nerd like me. Stoked to have Follow Your Bliss and retire my old ass copies of SS and The Fire.
  13. It's not the bands fault. Demand has skyrocketed. And until people move on from collecting all the Taylor Swift and MGK "vinyl" it's just going to get worse.