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  1. Posted a couple more tonight, each ending in 7 days (December 2, around 8-9 pm EST): Something Corporate - Leaving Through The Window, First Pressing, Black (/500) The Dangerous Summer - Golden Record, First Pressing, Clear Gold (/300)
  2. Selling a cool one from my collection: blink-182 - The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show (Hot Topic Limited Edition Splatter): Just listed. Ends next Saturday just before 7 pm EST. Just listed. Ends next Saturday just before 7 pm EST. The Wonder Years - The Upsides (2nd Pressing Hot Topic Limited Edition Color Vinyl): Just listed. Ends next Saturday just before 7:45 pm EST.
  3. Bummed to see this thread has been inactive so long. Well I’m still vegan, nearly 8 years on now. Minimalist Baker is still one of my go to sites for new recipes. One I’ve made recently from there is the Hide Your Kale Smoothie I also got this awesome book for Xmas called How It All Vegan. It’s like the OG vegan cooking book before all of the (awesome and convenient) subs we have now. Crazy how much there is out there to learn about veganism, and how much good vegan food there is to make.
  4. just got done updating myself on this thread, hard to believe i haven't posted on here in 8-9 months!! thought i'd check in...still going strong on being vegan (over 3 years now! woohoo!). i haven't been very creative in the last year with new recipes and whatnot, but it was due to actually being involved in college (i'm a co-chair of an environmental group on campus) and i just moved into a new house this month! however, i have fallen totally in love with falafel! so if anyone has good recipes for that i'll try them out. the other thing i've started making is lentil soup and i found a recipe on this thread i'll have to try...i want to try the black bean burgers too! glad to see how many people this thread has influenced and i hope it keeps going. also (random), jacobraccula, burger king's fries are vegan! and really good, so you can eat fast food fries w/o feeling guilty (sort of lol).
  5. 1 day left on everything! Mae - The Everglow http://goo.gl/iPx2W3 The Wonder Years - The Upsides (Reissue) http://goo.gl/mvdnGt blink-182 - Enema of the State http://goo.gl/DXaUS5
  6. 0 feedback account bidding on 3 of my records: beastmodejulius EDIT: contact info came back from jacksonville, florida...time to go cancel some bids
  7. just listed a copy of the everglow http://goo.gl/iPx2W3
  8. Hey guys, need some money for college now that I'm back to being a full-time student. Thanks for looking! Mae - The Everglow http://goo.gl/iPx2W3 The Wonder Years - The Upsides (Reissue) http://goo.gl/mvdnGt blink-182 - Enema of the State http://goo.gl/DXaUS5
  9. so excited about this 2nd pressing. i haven't been checking the board much lately either and was bummed at first lol. thanks for doing another pressing guys!
  10. well yeah that's what i'm going to do....lol there's no way that i would actually pay $400 for all of that stuff that i don't need. i guess i was just saying that i was excited enough to consider for about 2 seconds!
  11. i'm so excited for this that i'm trying really hard not to get the $400 package just for the signed test press...ugh.
  12. that's my birthday! that'd be an awesome gift but i am going to be a best man that day so it'll be alright haha. have fun!
  13. wow. Anyone else watching this tigers-indians game? Max Scherzer is pitching a "filthy" game as Rod Allen would say...on the verge of a 1 run complete game going into the 9th.
  14. Artist/Album: Silverstein - Rescue URL: www.dropcards.com/vinyl Code: YD6CMTV753 Artist/Album: The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten URL: www.urpressing.com/downloads Code: UN-16941-g79690 Enjoy and quote when you use them!
  15. Thanks for the support and the advice/suggestions Ry. It really means a lot to even get a response to that, to know that at least one person is listening, you know? It's funny that you mention the thing about something around the house needing to be done, because there is. Anyway, just want to let you know that I appreciate it...hope everything is good with you.
  16. Glad I didn't read through this thread leading up to this or I probably would've been disappointed too. Anyways, song sounded great!!!
  17. I haven't been active on the site in a while and even stopped checking it too...I missed it! And missed being able to get stuff off of my chest in this thread. I withdrew from 3 out of 4 of my classes this last semester and moved back to my parent's house in late-March. The only person who knows about this besides my parents is my girlfriend, even my sister doesn't know. I haven't really done anything productive in that time. I hung out with my girlfriend for a couple weeks and helped her with her homework and final projects, actually pretty much wrote an entire research paper on animal testing for her if that counts as anything. Have been entertaining the idea of working on an organic farm as there are plenty of opportunities in Michigan for that, but haven't really done anything with it even though it's something I'm really interested in. I have no idea where my life is headed. I'm probably going to go work where I did last year/summer in the distribution area of a seal manufacturer as a temp since I got offered a $2/hr raise over what I made last time, so it'll be good money again, but I dread the thought of being indoors instead of outside doing something that I know that I'll love. Plus, I talked to my old manager from the place yesterday (Monday) and have to tell him if I'm going to work there by Wednesday. On top of everything, my girlfriend who is my best friend in the whole world and the one person I NEED to talk to everyday to sort through all of the shit in my head, is in New Mexico for 2 weeks and her phone is dead/lost apparently because I haven't heard from her in 4 days at all and I'm seriously losing it because of that (i.e. insomnia, severe nightmares/night terror, depression), hence what I'm doing up at 2 am on a monday night. And my parents just left for 10 days, and one of my best friends just left for Boston for the summer, while the other lives in Grand Rapids and is getting married. And because of all of this I just feel like I'm lapsing back into the recurring depression that has always been with me throughout my life and never goes away. I've never been professionally diagnosed with it, but it's kind of one of those things where you realize there must be a chemical inbalance or something when it has happened in cycles since you were in 6th grade. This was a lot and I'm glad I don't really personally know anyone on these boards, but I wanted to put it out there. tl;dr - I need to find another therapist... EDIT: Wondering if this should go in the "Man Advice" thread?
  18. I haven't been to the Intersection yet, do you know if it's a good venue? Brand New isn't my favorite band in the world, but I still think it'd be awesome to see them live since they'd only be playing an hour away from me.
  19. I'm so sorry to read what happened to you Matt, I don't know what else to say because if put in that same situation I would probably feel the same way: wanting things to work out and feeling pathetic for it, so I'm not great for advice. Just wanted to say that I hope you can find your own peace with it somehow, someway, and that I wish you the best.
  20. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll let my friend know since he has the recording of it.
  21. glad to see the wings and hawks getting physical tonight, gonna be a good one!