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  1. Didn’t age well after 2 weeks? They’re still touring this album and doing fine lol
  2. This is for serious offers only. I've hit ever single test. Dear G-d How We Both Wondrously Perish Being As An Ocean Flexi No trades will be considered, sorry!
  3. Lemme check. Friends with those guys and was at all their first shows so I've got 4 tapes or so around I believe and maybe a 7"
  4. All packages have been shipped for order so far. Still taking offers. Headed out to RSD with friends so I'll provide all tracking later when I return!
  5. Really just looking to sell unless you've got a copy of City Lights "In It To Win It"
  6. First true bump. I'll be shipping on Saturday for the first round! FOB and Panic are on eBay...I'm a monster, I know
  7. thanks man! start by hitting send private message and then let me know what you're looking at!
  8. i believe so, its the copy that had the cd and is die cut. i preordered it way back when
  9. So like the title says, I need to raise some money so I can go on tour full time next year. The likelihood of me selling my tests are low. Please do feel free to send any offers, but don't be offended if I do not want to sell the record you are asking for. Certain ones are just worth more to me personally. Thank you for looking and feel free to check out the band you may help support, September Stories. https://deadformat.net/collection/makeshiftrigger mewithoutyou - a > b life is on hold The absolute only trade i would be willing to consider is for: City Lights - In It To Win It someone just get me a copy of this. i wasn't around the label at that point and they're all gone!

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