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  1. I went on a binge and picked up all the waxworks releases recently but everyone is sold out of this one and it doesnt look like a repress is gunna happen. Anyone willing to part with theirs or know a webstore that has some in stock?
  2. it's techinically "pink" according to sub pop, but it does indeed have traces of white. also sorry for the full inbox, for the fellow above. i'll clear it out.
  3. calm down guys, he's a nigga thats focused and on a mission.
  4. if you want to donate to help the band recoup from their burglary, you can make donations here: http://tinyurl.com/mineraldonate
  5. apparently their van got broken into last night after the show =( http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2014/09/mineral_had_the.html
  6. bumping this because i just saw them 3 times since saturday. twice in chicago, and again last night in saint louis. it was chris' birthday, and we all had cake. i got a signed set list and a tour shirt. they were out of endserenading records, they had some in chicago but i was broke at the time because of riotfest.
  7. yeah i've noticed after a few brushings and a few play thrus it's pretty much stopped. it did feel a little 'sandy' when i took it out of the sleeve the first time, and theres still some sandy stuffs inside the jacket.
  8. so i picked this up at the mineral show in st.louis tonight. it's grey with red splatters. i put it on when i got home, and my needle makes this horrible grinding sound between the grooves. you can even hear it while the music is playing. does anyone else own this album, and experience this same problem?
  9. cool set. i don't love them enough to pay that price, but i wouldn't mind having that set. i really enjoy deep shadows, and razorblade romance. i might just pick those up individually, whats the "his infernal majesty" record featured in the diehard bundle, thats not pictured anywhere else? it's not even mentioned in the contents of the bundle, but its in the picture.
  10. just got home today. everything was amazing except for the mud, and the sole getting ripped off the bottom of one of my chucks on the first day. i spent the next two days with it tied onto my foot with the shoelaces. seeing mineral twice in two days was a dream come true. i talked to chris from mineral a little at the double door show, and he said there's a good chance of a gloria record reunion, as well as finally issuing an album they recorded but never released. bands i caught: day 1: title fight gwar failure nofx gogol bordello offspring janes addiction day 2: samiam 7 seconds dandy warhols the world is a beautiful place die antwoord afghan whigs get up kids flaming lips mineral (after show) day 3 (slept in a little) superchunk naked raygun mineral mudhoney the cure (got there early to get a close spot, watched social distortion from the monitors while waiting) it was a fucking amazing time, and worth all the bullshit i went thru to get the money and make it out there. edit: what ever happened to alkaline trio and thurstin moore being on the bill. i could have sworn they were booked.
  11. how far is double door from the park? i didn't know it was in walking distance. then again, i don't really know anything about chicago.