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  1. fuck. this blows dude. i sent them the week that i actually responded to this. i threw in an extra record too (not that it makes up for how long its been). i really hope they show up soon. i feel fucking horrible that it took this long for me to get shit together. no excuses, i was just lazy and forgetful.
  2. Since it looks like its set in the 80's time frame more, I'd say it all depends on when in the series it takes place. I think they replaced Shread Head in the last few seasons with that other villian. However, Mikey has his chucks (which were also done away with later in the series), so that says to me that its still in that time period and we'll see him.
  3. So here's whats up. From 2007 to 2009 there existed a house. Fort Fuck Awesome. We had shows. We drank beer. We did stupid shit. We left our mark on Allston, Ma. (Boston). The house is since gone. We couldnt afford it anymore. But we also cant stand being so scattered and out of the "scene." Tonight a bunch of us involved in the house and our friends who were a welcome part of it had our first meeting for a new record label we're planning on starting up. Its a collective of sorts, I suppose. Run with no one in charge with about 10 to 20 people being involved. And we're looking for bands. We have a preliminary list of bands we're looking to work with but we want more. We're hungry. If you're in a band and want consideration, send me a pm. If you run a label and wanna work out a split together, send me a pm. Theres too many of us to have decided on a name right now, but its coming. I'm really pumped to be a part of this.
  4. thanks man, sorry to maybe sound like a dick about it. i don't think you're an asshole or anything... <3 nah dont worry about it at all. i need to be ridden on shit like this otherwise i'll forget to do it for way too long
  5. call me today damnit. i dont have your number. we need to figure whats going on for fest.
  6. i just got owned. shit. yeah. i fucked up. i'm sorry. its boxed, it has your address on it, its next to the door, it goes out tomorrow on my lunch break. sorry dude.
  7. i figure that since i dont have halo 3 anymore its worth it for the multiplayer. also i can get it new for about 40 bucks so its not a big deal.
  8. -moving day -the end of Fort Fuck Awesome +moved everything to my friends house last night in one car load a block away from the st i knew i was moving to. except i didnt know the number. ++++++found out a little while ago the place im moving is actually next door to where my stuff is stored. such an easy move.
  9. I actually came into two FB/FB tests. I won one from preordering them and buying like 2 raffle tickets. And Jim from Fake Boys gave me one randomly one day just because he's a rad dude. My friend Sofia has the other one now I think. its all good josh. i was having a bad day then, sorry. i'm probably not going to SC at all. things blew up and turned around really fast with this. i was kinda caught off guard. so just ignore any further talk about it in possible upcoming episodes haha.
  10. thats cool to post out in public like that josh. fuck you. i'm staying cause i'm fucking broke and would be miserable if i moved down there with no money. also ethan got rear ended by a drunk driver and while he's okay his car is totaled. asshole. dont expect me to come back to doing this again if you fucking attack me on the internet like this for trying to get by while i'm fucking homeless!
  11. Well shit, back the bus up. I think I'm staying. At the very least for about 2 months if not for good.
  12. waffles your genius never ceases to amaze me. how the fuck would i get into the sil without an id?
  13. no really though. ryan, renewing my id isnt an option. is there any way i can still get into this?
  14. I havent put toooo much thought into this yet, but theres a good chance of me starting a podcast down in SC. Also, I'm still gonna contribute interviews whenever possible. So I wont be completely vacant.
  15. ryan, my id is expired. they still gonna let me in? also, do i have to buy tickets online or can i get them at anywhere else around here? i dont have a card.
  16. I also miss having the internet. How is everyone? I have a band now. Check it out? www.myspace.com/singlefemalelawyerrock
  17. yeah, I wanted to buy a few Sucide File records from him a few weeks ago but I remembered that a lot of people on here had problem with this kid. So I decided to not take a chance and didn't buy. you probably wont hear from him for a little while seeing as how his best friend killed himself and hes a total mess. sorry.
  18. Minty! Dude, wicked sorry. Josh told me about this thread so I sought it out. I am in fact sending it on friday! Also, in addition to another record I'm sending with it I wanna send you a vinyl vlog shirt. What size do you wear? Also, send me you address one more time so I def have it. Also, gabe! I'm still planning on sending you that jawbreaker album. It and your dopeamines dicks lp will go out friday as well. I'm really sorry about this. This has been a very bad year.
  19. maybe one day, but i dont know if they would ever want it seen. josh was pretty well polished off.
  20. josh you should have mentioned how we actually REVIEW a record this time around. haha.
  21. -pretty sure my girlfriend is cheating on me with my old room mate who got kicked out about a week and a half ago -shes coming over tonight and already found out i suspect it last night she made me leave early so she could do work. then this morning one of my friends saw him outside her dorm. im flipping the fuck out waiting for her to get here.