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  1. Finally figured out how to get mine to work and holy shit. Can’t believe I’ve pretty much doubled my collection in just 4 years. I’m talking like… over 500 more in that time.
  2. Got an email from RightStuf yesterday saying the Jujutsu Kaisen boxset was delayed until April 30th.
  3. We’ve only watched one episode of Archive 81 so far but it was great. Pretty creepy. Dude… Yellowjackets might be one of the best shows I’ve watched in a long time. We watched the whole first season last weekend. So nice and refreshing to see an original idea be so good. Most things are based off of books or “movies turned into shows” nowadays. Speaking of shows based off of books, I know it’s not really “horror,” but my wife and I also just recently watched Station Eleven and holy shit. Super emotional and well done. Made me want to go and read the book.
  4. It does exist actually. But it’s currently sold out and the people who ordered copies are still waiting to get them. And that was sometime last year. I imagine a repress will happen eventually though.
  5. Hmmm, I tried everything I thought it could be. I’ll keep trying though. Thanks.
  6. How’re you guys finding your old pages? I keep getting a 404 error.
  7. Whaaat?? That’s awesome! We watched the first episode last night. Pretty crazy.
  8. This looks like one to keep an eye out for too:
  9. Shitttt. That’s awesome! I’m with you in that I’ve loved everything they’ve done so far. I’m gonna have to keep this in mind.
  10. I’ve heard good things about this. What you watching it on?
  11. Last Tuesday a new Johnny Gargano shirt went up on ProWrestlingTee’s website and it’s a timed edition that ends the day before AEW is in Cleveland (January 26th). Could be something, could be coincidence. Either way I’m gonna be there and I can’t wait.
  12. Oh they’re absolutely worth watching. The Innkeepers is one of my all-time favorites. And The Sacrament is really, really good too. A very “Jim Jones” story. And I don’t care what anyone says: Cabin Fever 2 is great. It’s so much fun. In a Valley or Violence is also great if you’re in a “western” mood.
  13. Fuck yes FINALLY a new Ti West movie and it looks amazing:
  14. I believe it’s been confirmed that we’re supposed to pretend the Netflix stuff never happened. But the idea is to cast the same actors to play their roles again. Daredevil and Fisk actors are confirmed and the actors who played Jessica Jones and Punisher are rumored to return as well. No word on Cage or Iron Fist yet though I don’t think.
  15. The Mightier Than Sword guy? Shit I always forget about that haha
  16. I definitely was, but I don’t remember the details at all. I think cause I actually just grabbed the tri-color variant from Hot Topic whenever that went up. If you’re referring to SRC bullshit than I think I got my copy before that.
  17. The way I look at it, they’re ordered, so you’re gonna get them eventually. Nothing you personally can do about it other than just wait. It sucks but it’s all a part of it. It may be worse now than it used to be, but this has always been a thing.
  18. Looking for 2 soundtracks in particular at the moment: John Paesano - Daredevil (season 1) Black Iris - Welcome to Bright Falls I have plenty of stuff, just let me know if you have either of those 2 things and we can go from there
  19. Not really horror-related but holy fuck this looks so good. About damn time this is coming out. Feel like we’ve been waiting forever:
  20. Oh shit! Ours are 107! So there’ll be one section in between us it looks like haha. Although he also got us tickets for section 8, which appear to be floor seats. Couldn’t decide if we wanted to do that or not. It’d be cool to be so close but I’d rather be on risers if possible. Gonna do more research and he said he’d just sell whatever tickets we end up not using.
  21. Oh nice! Super stoked for Winter is Coming tomorrow night. And I’m pretty sure my cousin got tickets for him and I to the Cleveland episode of Dynamie/Rampage next month so I’m pretty excited
  22. Wife and I are always watching stuff. The other day we finished the most recent season of The Sinner (which was amazing) and the first season of the Chucky series. Can’t wait for season 2. And we’re also currently caught up on Hawkeye. Those are the 3 big ones right now. New season of the Witcher starts in a week and a half so we’ll start watching that. New season of Euphoria is next month which I’m super stoked about. Been forever since the first season. I’m also 2 episodes into the new season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It’s sooo good.

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