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  1. A “label created” from San Diego showed up on my informed delivery yesterday so hopefully that’s good news.
  2. If anyone’s going out today and can grab the We’re All Going to the World’s Fair soundtrack for me I’d be super grateful.
  3. Absolutely needed the innie version. Holy shit what cool looking packaging
  4. Picture discs available separately now. The Downtown Battle Mountain variant collection lives! https://riserecords.com/collections/new-in
  5. Dude you gave me a fucking heart attack. I was about to be pissed after I just threw down for a copy of this and Rich Sips on discogs 😅
  6. Beau apparently mentioned they already plan a repress so if some miss it, I wouldn’t freak out too much
  7. Wife and I couldn’t decide on anything to watch over the weekend (pretty sure we’ve given up on American Horror Story and unfortunately I can’t bring myself to care about the Chucky series anymore), so we randomly put on Slasher on Netflix. Got through the first season and watched the first episode of the second season. It’s a pretty fun watch. Dialogue is pretty cringey, but the effects (which seem to be mostly practical) are awesome. Not sure how the second season will match up to the first, but I’m looking forward to it.
  8. Went with the black/white swirl. Looks perfect with the artwork.
  9. I’m pretty positive in the initial announcement they said this was going to be a box set of EP’s specifically. I don’t remember a mention of any full-lengths. At least not right now. Anyways, super stoked for Halifax. This was my #1 hope they would put in this set.
  10. Man if that’s playing near me I really wanna try and see it. Looks insane and they’re also a couple of my favorites in the genre right now. Watched Barbarian, Nope, and Bodies Bodies Bodies the other day. Really enjoyed all of them a lot. Nope wasn’t exactly what I was expecting and it’s probably my least favorite of Peele’s movies so far, but it was still good.
  11. I knew exactly who this was going to be about before I even clicked. DM’d me asking if I’m “still interested in getting this?” And if so, to email his buddy Larry, and then gave me the email address. I knew it was a scam right away because my ISO was for multiple things. Furthest I got was messaging him back and asking “interested in getting what exactly? And who’s Larry?” Haven’t heard back since.
  12. Well this pretty much ends my complete Downtown Battle Mountain variant collection. My only hope is this ends up like the “black and white” cover art repress set where they eventually sold them individually after a while.
  13. Fest was cancelled due to “wind.” Here’s hoping that means there’s a good chance some show up online
  14. One of my biggest disappointments was the last VHS that came out. Other than the funeral segment, I wasn’t a fan at all. So pretty much my expectations weren’t high for this new one at all. I’ll watch it eventually but I’m in no hurry. Grabbed the blu-ray of Bodies Bodies Bodies a couple days ago. Gonna hopefully get to it this weekend.
  15. Can only hope for a wide release. If not, I’d love for someone to grab me a copy.