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  1. Hello! I am currently on the search for the 1992 South Korean official pressing of the album "A Man Called E", by E (aka Mark Oliver Everett, aka Eels) on vinyl. I've recently bought this record on Discogs only to be scammed by the seller, so if you have a copy of this, please PM me! Thank you!
  2. Nevermind, he scammed me out of $250 on CashApp. Currently opening disputes with my banks 😔 guess I’m still on the search. Need to note myself to do more research.
  3. A redditor is finally selling me their copy. It’s a miracle. I still wish you all the luck in finding your copy!
  4. Hello! I am currently on the search for a bootleg "The Sims" 3xLP vinyl boxset that was released recently. If anyone owns this, I am willing to trade any amount of money for this holy grail! PM me please, thank you!
  5. Update: 11:11 is going to be released on streaming, CD and standard black vinyl in August, for a more reasonable price than the box set. Amazon Pre-Order
  6. Hello! I'm looking for the original 1999 vinyl pressing of Self's album 'Breakfast With Girls'. The pressing has not been reissued for over 20 years now (possibly due to a conflict with Dreamworks records?) and I would really like to have a copy. Please message me with any offer. Thank you!
  7. Regina Spektor's 2001 debut album is finally getting a clear vinyl pressing in a box set! Includes an additional LP "Papa's Bootlegs" of Regina's unreleased songs recorded by Regina's father back in the day! Expected to be released on May 6th, 2022! https://thecbpstore.com/collections/regina-spektor/products/11-11-box-set