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  1. Hello! I'm looking for the original 1999 vinyl pressing of Self's album 'Breakfast With Girls'. The pressing has not been reissued for over 20 years now (possibly due to a conflict with Dreamworks records?) and I would really like to have a copy. Please message me with any offer. Thank you!
  2. Regina Spektor's 2001 debut album is finally getting a clear vinyl pressing in a box set! Includes an additional LP "Papa's Bootlegs" of Regina's unreleased songs recorded by Regina's father back in the day! Expected to be released on May 6th, 2022! https://thecbpstore.com/collections/regina-spektor/products/11-11-box-set
  3. No clue, they never said the time on their mailing list nor instagram. Just says it will launch on the tenth. EDIT: Saint November replied to me on Instagram, they will go on sale at 6 PM GMT
  4. Is anyone willing to sell their Electro-Shock Blues Show vinyl from this box set? Please message me if you are..
  5. Coming this Wednesday, November 10th. I just hope they don't pull anymore shenanigans this time. *cough* accepting trades for test pressings *cough*
  6. Hey folks. If you haven't heard, Saint November is back and doing a pop-up store for their tenth anniversary very soon, which includes leftover copies of the first pressing of Ellipse and second pressing of Speak For Yourself on vinyl. Wonder if Tom Clarke has changed his ways ? http://www.saintnovember.store
  7. Hello! I'm currently looking to buy a standalone copy of "Electro-Shock Blues Show" 2xLP by Eels, which was exclusive to the 2015 Dreamworks reissue box set. I have purchased all the rest of their past albums separately, and this is the only one I don't have in my collection. Would like it in either VG+ or NM condition. Thank you!

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