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  1. So once the purple sold out, they dropped the price of the black to $20. What a dick move. I'd be especially pissed if I for some reason had ordered black.
  2. Preorders just went live for the new TDWP album, 8:18 which will be out on 9/17. http://tdwpstore.com/pre-order.html Multiple options include three variants, each of which come with an instant download of two new songs, an entry into a contest for a photo print and the possibility of getting an /13 lyric print: Deep Purple /150 ($25) http://tdwpstore.com/pre-order/8-18-vinyl-deep-purple.html Black ($25) http://tdwpstore.com/pre-order/8-18-vinyl-black.html Coke Bottle Green /750 (a box set version that includes five art prints - $40) http://tdwpstore.com/pre-order/8-18-deluxe-box-set.html The site or products don't say anything about it being a 2xLP or 180 gram, so this price is pretty steep. Top that with a $7.49 shipping charge (no other options) and that brings a single LP price to $32.49. Ridiculous. But I really want that Deep Purple variant. New song "Martyrs" can be heard here: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/the-devil-wears-prada-explore-isolation-in-martyrs-premiere-20130730 EDIT: Messed up the release date so I deleted the old topic and made a new one. Oops.
  3. Based on Rising Sun, the only other place I ever saw it was on tour. That's how I bought it.
  4. SoundCheck is awful with shipping. This would be $26 shipped. $8 shipping is insane.
  5. Nice! I'll have to go out this weekend and see if I can find it. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. $137 shipped if I want to continue having the entire collection of theirs.
  7. I got that middle record for free with purchase from Eide's in Pittsburgh. It appears to be a promo record that was distributed by INgrooves. Our's (not sure if all are the same) was sponsored by Beck's beer, which they had girls handing out bottle of at the store for you to drink while browsing and hanging out. It has Killing Joke, Senses Fail, Early Graves, Amaranthe, Stars In Stereo, Encrust, Major League, Kate Nash, Turbogeist and Brook Waggoner on it.
  8. Went to The Attic in Millvale as did some others on here apparently. (Woo Pittsburgh!) Got in line around 10:30. Packed just like last year. But literally got everything on my list and a bonus. Great staff that helped everyone, played some good tunes (even let you throw on any used record you wanted to hear) and had some drinks and snacks. Awesome as usual. My list and finds: All That Remains - The Fall Of Ideals - $28 (Nice color) Between The Buried And Me - The Anatomy Of - $22 (AWESOME split packaging) Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory - $28 (Well done. The packaging with the sticker and the 10" with poster was well done just like the original presses) New Found Glory - Mania - $14 (Both colors are nice. Etching rules) Silverstein/August Burns Red - Four Minutes Being Cool - $8 Straylight Run - Prepare To Be Wrong - $15 Also snagged the new Silverstein album on clear for $18 I guess I'll still go out tomorrow and check around for whatever. Good RSD year.
  9. If you are going to be doing an extra 25, I'm definitely interested! I PM'd amnstypls.
  10. Yeah, Smalls. I only go to Drusky shows unless it's something I'm super interested in. Opus One is pretty lame from what I've heard. Philly show is this Friday the 15th. And it's not sold out. Which is the big reason Stubhub hasn't worked out (and due to the $17 forced shipping)
  11. No clue. At first they were really shady about it and said nothing and just removed it from their FB. Then after everyone was asking, they just said sorry and that it was a personal reason. A simple rumor was a possible dispute with the promoter (and based on who it was, I could see it). But I don't know. Stubhub won't let me re-list them as I guess it's too close to the date or something. I have no idea. Soooo looks like I'm screwed.
  12. Still so extremely bummed that they shadily and randomly canceled the Pittsburgh date. Still have my tickets to the Philly show (bought before Pitt was announced) but can't go due to making plans over that show since it was coming here. Also can't find any buyers for them. Really really lame. And this probably would have been a top 5 show for me. PS. Anyone need tickets to Philly?

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