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  1. Hello...ran into some money trouble and figured I would post these on here before dealing with ebay. all prices are PPD and all records are mint unless noted. SODOM - AGENT ORANGE (2010 Steamhammer 2XLP reissue) $25 MINUTEMEN - THE PUNCH LINE (no barcode, cover EX, vinyl VG+ only for visual scuffs, no skips) $20 SYD BARRETT - THE MADCAP LAUGHS/BARRETT 2XLP (capitol) $25 OM - ADDIS ABABA DUBPLATE $10 OM - GETHSEMANE DUBPLATE $10 DESPISE YOU - WEST SIDE HORIZIONS (purple wax 179/500) $20 NAZI DUST - WRETCHED HOUR $12 AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED / APARTMENT 213 SPLIT 12" (red vinyl) $12 APARTMENT 213 - CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS 7" $10 CATENA COLLAPSE / LA QUIETE SPLIT 7" (red cover ) $7 thanks!
  2. just thinning out the collection a bit...check it out http://www.ebay.com/sch/cubetwo_hypercube/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562
  3. plus a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff http://shop.ebay.com/cubetwo_hypercube/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562
  4. guess you didn't say rabbit rabbit, huh i'm sorry to hear about this though
  5. this is the reason we cant have nice things. furthermore, if i was at a show and the band decided it would cool to wreck the venue, i would immediately rush the stage and destroy all of their equipment. i'd love to see the look on their faces also, blame the dumbass world inferno fans who think that 'fucking shit up' is really edgy. i used to be one of these kids in high school. at the same time though, cool it gramps.
  6. was being hyperbolic. still though, fuck that guy
  7. small club to me is definitely less than 500
  8. yeah i dunno. i mean, he's had good streaks some seasons. he's definitely a gamble but i'd rather have him in the outfield than a washed up jim edmonds
  9. punk: hot water music & the loved ones in philly summer 08 hip hop: rock the bells 07 (wu-tang clan, public enemy, cypress hill, immortal technique, jedi mind tricks, talib kweli, epmd) honorable mention: daft punk in brooklyn, summer 07 and the fall of efrafa in philly
  10. just saw tropic thunder....why do people think this movie is so funny?
  11. that's reason enough for me to never go there ever
  12. have you listened to the album? or just the single...cuz the single is the worst shit ever. but eminem's singles usually are the worst shit ever. lyrically the album is nuts, and a lot of the beats are pretty good (which was expected since dr. dre produced most of it)
  13. a lot of cubs fans are alright writing them off already, but i'm not worried. i think they're going to have a good season. milton bradley and giovanny soto have had really slow starts but are showing signs of improvement. plus aramis ramirez's injury isn't helping. i still don't understand the off season moves the cubs made, getting rid of mark derosa (who had 80+ RBIs and now already has 30+) and jason marquis who is tied with johan santana for most wins in the NL. also i was always a huge kerry wood advocate. i dunno if they're gonna be able to compete with the cardinals this year though, pujols is probably the best offensive player in baseball and chris carpenter is so nasty right now.