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  1. Looking to buy or trade for LIGHTS' sophomore album "Siberia" on red vinyl. I just revisited this album and discovered that I enjoy it a lot more than I originally did. For trades check my tradelist: https://deadformat.net/collection/skadoodle
  2. I agree. HoH does deserve to be bigger. WYWIN is definitely in my top 3 favorite HoH albums though.
  3. My friends in Young and Heartless have announced their upcoming full-length on Mayfly Records entitled "The Pull of Gravity"! Young and Heartless' sound tips their cap to a wide range of bands, such as Brand New, Manchester Orchestra, and Bright Eyes - but at times also pays homage to originators of the style, like Cap N Jazz and American Football. First pressing is 500 pieces: 400 Caramel 100 Gray Marble
  4. How about a pressing of What You Want Is Now as well?
  5. Stoked for this release. Pre-ordered from FBR. I may check my local HT for the red variant on release day.