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  1. For those that ordered from Light in the Attic, did you receive a confirmation email after ordering? I can't find one anywhere but have the PayPal receipt for my purchase. I'm wanting to cancel mine as I picked up the Newbury Comics one instead. Emailed them a couple of days ago but have heard nothing.
  2. Not the biggest fan of that Mondo colour. Ended up going with the LITA pink variant.
  3. Black with splatter sold out, though they've listed the Aqua Blue; https://artistfirst.com.au/products/lament-lp-aqua-blue
  4. It's going to cost me around $75AUD just to cop a standard vinyl from KRM Damn those shipping prices!
  5. That's really cool. I donated but not sure they'll send a flexi to Australia haha.
  6. I tried the EU store and there was a $1 difference between that and the US store for total amount shipped.
  7. Got myself a clear I haven't ordered from DW in a while, but have shipping costs gone up? $22.33 USD shipped to Australia hurts. Doesn't make any difference if I order from the EU store either
  8. Hey team! Really wanting a copy of this Ovens 7 inch record. Would need to be sent to Australia. Can anyone help? https://www.discogs.com/Ovens-Ovens/release/5909456
  9. Check out the contents for the limited vinyl found on https://awakenmylove.com/products/vinyl-inventory -Exclusive booklet -2 180 gram 45 RPM LPs -Virtual Reality headset -Instructions to access exclusive virtual reality live performances from the PHAROS Experience. -PHAROS VR companion app can be downloaded at http://pharos.earth/ I ended up ording this but it was from this link - https://store.universalmusic.com/childishgambino/*/*/VIRTUAL-REALITY-LIMITED-EDITION-VINYL/5DVG0000000 Though that one doesn't show the contents. I'm a bit worried because sh
  10. Are both these editions the same? I'm thinking of ordering from the one with the UK price as shipping to Australia is cheaper than the first link. https://awakenmylove.com/products/vinyl-inventory?variant=27911891208 https://store.universalmusic.com/childishgambino/*/*/VIRTUAL-REALITY-LIMITED-EDITION-VINYL/5DVG0000000
  11. $124 AUD for the deluxe shipped to Australia. What a joke.
  12. Ordered! Will definitely be going to their first show in Melbourne.
  13. I'm having the hardest time trying to change the delivery address for the Gamma Ray deluxe editiin but not having any luck Anyone else had contacting these guys before?

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