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  1. I assume the clear vinyl was an instant sell-out? Would have definitely gone for that. Oh well. I also almost had second thoughts about buying the tri-color when I realized these greedy pieces of shit charge more than $10 for media mail shipping. EDIT: Even tri color sold out already. I would have thought they made a ton of those.
  2. Dry Socket debut LP from To Live A Lie (yellow /100) and Blind Rage (red /100): https://tolivealie.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3&products_id=3258 https://blindragerecords.limitedrun.com/products/762703-dry-socket-sorry-about-your-loss-lp
  3. Spaced debut LP PO live from Revelation: https://revhq.com/products/spaced-this-is-all-we-ever-get?_pos=6&_sid=e99137170&_ss=r
  4. I bought a lot in 2023, probably more than I ever will in the future. The pace was unsustainable and recently I've really been winding down. But I checked a lot of old favorites off my want list and plugged a lot of holes in the collection, so no regrets. My remaining high-priority want list is pretty much all white whales that rarely come up for sale or are just too expensive. I'm happy with what I have. There were lots of exciting pick-ups. I completed my little collection of Ebullition releases with screen-printed inside-out alt covers. Got closer to completing my Cave In, Coalesce, Botch, Unbroken, Pg. 99 and Disembodied collections (i.e. having the rarest first-press variant(s) and whenever possible TPs), along with adding plenty of other 90s emo/ screamo/ hardcore gems. I also picked up many great new releases (and went to a shitload of shows).
  5. If you have a record player, try setting yourself a goal of listening to one or two of them each day. If you don't think you'd ever get around to doing that then I second the Goodwill option.
  6. Lots of good releases this year. A few more good ones that I haven't seen mentioned (mostly EPs but who cares): New World Man Conservative Military Image Restraining Order Adrienne Almighty Watching Strange Joy Castillo Violent Way Balmora xNomadx Anklebiter Exhibition
  7. New Spectral Voice LP: https://www.darkdescentrecords.com/shop/product/spectral-voice-sparagmos-lp/
  8. Asbestos Records also has a TP sale, incl Rival Schools, Quicksand and many more: https://asbestosrecords.bigcartel.com/product/super-rare-test-pressing-sale
  9. The pricing on the Daze test pressings is very aggressive, compared to what other labels like Relapse or Tankcrimes charge for TPs from much more established bands. I picked up the Adrienne because I love that band but honestly I feel kinda stupid for paying that much. Best of luck to Daze with this sale though.
  10. Yeah that whole show on Saturday was off the hook. I actually met one guy who flew in from Belgium for the show and back home the next day. Worth it. When I last saw them with Yob they played almost only stuff from HP, which was totally cool, but it was nice to also hear some UYHS staples again. And they played Big Riff, right, or am I just imagining that?
  11. Bands have two options: Either give the venue a big cut of their merch sales (resulting in these prices) and risk alienating fans or make a statement out of resisting merch cuts and only sell merch online and risk losing a big chunk of sales. Both shitty options. Fuck corporate venues that try to squeeze every last penny out of their audience. I really hate it. Fortunately most shows of interest to me in NYC are in regular old lovable shitholes lol.
  12. Looks like a really well-designed box set. Already have a few of the records, but very tempting nonetheless.
  13. Merch at the NYC shows was expensive (at least compared to what I'm used to seeing at small venues). I'm guessing the venue took a cut, those fuckers. Shirts were $45, posters $40, not sure about vinyl. Going to Jersey as well on Saturday, can't wait!

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