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  1. Just wanted to let anyone thinking about making purchases, that i'm going to start putting this list on Discogs. I've been ghosted by far too many people in the last 48 hours and I really need to start moving these records as the new furniture for my sons play room (currently where my records are) is coming soon and I need to start making room and don't want my records sitting in my basement. I'll cross off what I add to Discogs as I go.
  2. This is everything, i don't plan on selling anything else for the time being, have at it! Really just looking to get rid of stuff at this point. Not looking for Ebay or discog prices. Willing to make deals on large orders!
  3. Added some 12's gonna sleep on selling some of my more rare/prized albums. Many many albums missing. Will post more through the weekend. You can take a look at my instagram and see other things not listed that I may part with. Check it at tjm182 Also, VC is the only place i'm listing this stuff, I met some really awesome people and made some great deals so VC gets first shot!
  4. This isn't a desperation sale, make offers! I'm easy to work with. I don't purchase albums too much anymore and rarely have the opportunity to enjoy listening to them either unfortunately, hopefully they'll go to a good home! Have at em kids! Feel free to check my sales on my profile, I'm 100% trustworthy! Will be throwing in free records with all purchases! I can send pics if needed but most stuff is on my instagram; tjm182 Any purchases less than $20 please add $3 for shipping. 3’s Norma Jean AHHH! Shark Bite! AHHH!/Chug On Three 7’s Andrew M
  5. A buddy of mine worked there a few years ago, he said it's an insurance thing because they don't have retail clearance.
  6. I've lived in Albany for 10 years and have called to see if I can pick orders up and they've always said no. It's stupid, our packages go from Albany to Massachusetts to New Jersey then back to Albany. I feel your pain.
  7. UO jumped the gun, US PO's will be up Friday a long with Power of Love single. Got Power of Love on Monday, it's good, they always do a good job with covers. This is the most I've been excited about an NFG release in a long time!
  8. Pretty sure there's going to be 3-4 (possibly more?) pressings of this, the band will have their own and possibly another retail version. From what I remember the band will announce closer to February with a tour announcement.

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