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  1. A buddy of mine worked there a few years ago, he said it's an insurance thing because they don't have retail clearance.
  2. I've lived in Albany for 10 years and have called to see if I can pick orders up and they've always said no. It's stupid, our packages go from Albany to Massachusetts to New Jersey then back to Albany. I feel your pain.
  3. UO jumped the gun, US PO's will be up Friday a long with Power of Love single. Got Power of Love on Monday, it's good, they always do a good job with covers. This is the most I've been excited about an NFG release in a long time!
  4. Pretty sure there's going to be 3-4 (possibly more?) pressings of this, the band will have their own and possibly another retail version. From what I remember the band will announce closer to February with a tour announcement.
  5. A friend of mine talked to Scott about this last year, more variants will be available of this. The band will release one as well.
  6. If i join vnyl will i get the record for this month?
  7. Yeah I've been googling real hard looking for them hahahaha but no luck.
  8. Can I buy prints of any of these? I'd love to hang some in my son's room, we're in the process of decorating the nursery right now!
  9. Ehh actually I retract that last statement, a lot of bands they signed in the early 2000's have had their back catalog pressed i.e. Thrice/Thursday so maybe there's hope?
  10. IDR was released by Island Records when they were just eating up every rock/punk band they could to see what would stick. I highly doubt we'll ever see a press of this or an answer can be found.
  11. If you're not interested in dropping $100 or $45 for the vinyl it's also up on Amazon for $21.98 Two new singles out as well, teenage Rockstars and Ohio, which was released a few months ago. Teenage Rockstars is kinda meh in my opinion but Ohio is pretty good.
  12. New album: Upside Down Flowers November 16th https://shop.andrewmcmahon.com/